There is no doubt that hair loss can be an extremely stressful problem, especially for women. However, once you have managed to understand the root cause for your hair loss, you can easily fight it by using appropriate remedies accordingly. The reason may vary from one woman to the other; however, some of the very common causes of hair loss in women are given here;

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

1- One of the major causes of hair fall in women is hereditary thinning (androgenetic alopecia). This tendency can be inherited from either side of the family.

Though this problem does not cause baldness it can cause the thinning of hair which can start in teens, twenties or thirties, causing hair to be weak and start falling.

Although there is no permanent cure for this time of hereditary thinning there are some treatments that can help overcome the problem. One example is minoxidil lotion which you are required to apply on your scalp twice a day.

Another option that can be worth considering is to get a hair transplant which would help you get rid of thinner hair. However, this option should be used only after consulting a doctor.

2- One of the common causes of hair loss in women is the use of substandard or unsuitable hair cosmetics such as using tints, dyes, bleaches, over straightening, or perms. These can only damage your hair in case of excessive use. If done with care and with moderation, the damage can be avoided.

The excessive use of chemicals causes hair to be brittle and weak. It is advised to stop such chemical treatments until the damaged hair has grown out.

3- A condition called Alopecia Areata can affect women of all ages and leads to hair loss in a way that small coin-like patches are formed on the head. So it is considered one of the popular causes of hair loss in women. In a few cases, it can lead to complete baldness.

By seeing a dermatologist you can get a treatment to regain lost hair. The underlying reason behind this disorder is not yet known but usually, the hair grows again after some time.

4- In some cases, women suffering from thyroid disorders may experience hair loss. Once the underactive or overactive state of the thyroid gland has been pointed out, the proper treatment would help cure the disorder and eventually the hair loss.

 5- Severe spell of illness like severe fever, flu, infection, etc can also lead to loss of hair which may continue even after four weeks or even three months. This is because the energy is being used only to fight the illness and your hairs go in the resting phase. The problem would be solved automatically once you completely recover.

6- Sometimes, the medications might be at the root of hair loss e.g. the medications being used for blood thinning, arthritis, depression, heart problem, gout, or high blood pressure.

7- Protein deficiency can be another cause of causes of hair loss in women, e.g. in the case of a crash diet or irregular dietary habits. In such cases too, hair goes in the resting phase to ensure the provision of protein to the rest of the body and hence you experience hair loss. A balanced intake of protein can prevent hair loss.

These are only a few of a long list of causes of hair loss in women. So it is always better to see a specialist who could help you find out the exact cause in your case and suggest treatment accordingly.