If you have just recently got bariatric surgery, you must be feeling great with your new smart outlook. However, do not forget that where your body looks fabulous, your skin might be suffering and needs your attention. This is especially true for those who had a normal or dry skin before surgery. With bariatric surgery, they and up with an even drier skin with the problems of itching and flakiness.

Skin Care after Surgery Facts

One of the reasons might be the loss of fluid from the skin but the major cause of dry skin for a bariatric patient is the reduced intake of some food items which contribute to the oil in the skin and save it from dryness. If you had oily skin before surgery, you would be in advantage after the surgery but for those who had normal skin, it can cause great frustration.

The fact that the skin is important and the largest organ of our body can’t be stressed more. However, at the same time, it is very sensitive and needs to be taken care of thoroughly.

Skin Care after Surgery Tips

One of the simplest and most convenient ways for skincare after surgery and to tackle with this dryness is to apply body lotions rich in vitamin. If you are not sure which product would be best suited for your skin, first try them as a sample for some time before reaching your preference. Make sure that once you have selected a suitable hand lotion, you should keep it with you in your car or your handbag because you would need it too often. You should use it every time you wash your hands because washing your hands with soap makes them dry.

Besides regularly using a hand and body lotion for your skincare after surgery, it would be really helpful to use bath salts at least twice a week for healthier, better skin. It makes the tap water less harsh on your skin and lets your body absorb the required softening moisturizer. Especially, those who are fond of swimming, the bath salts would be of even greater utility for your skin. These bath soaps are not just a temporary treatment rather the effect lasts longer, giving you vibrant skin. These bath soaps, available in the crystalline form or in solid form, are easily soluble in water. If you can easily get the one in crystal form, it would give you a convenience to control the amount of soap you need. You can go for plain Epsom salts or you can choose from a variety of perfumed and colored bath salts to make bathing enjoyable.

One of the most affected organs of your body after surgery is your lips. They feel dryer and cracked. You need to apply a good moisturizing product on your lips, e.g. try a quality medicated lip balm with the chemicals which heal your lips quickly and relieve the burning and cracking. Use these balms in all weathers, all seasons because sun, heat, cold, and wind, all can do damage to lips.

Applying sunscreens would also help a lot. Go for those sunscreens which not only protect you from the sun but also moisturize your skin.

Skin, being one of the most sensitive, and of course, the most exposed organs of your body, need to be taken care a lot. You need to rely on the above mentioned tips for skin care after surgery even in your daily routine, let alone their enhanced need after weight loss surgery. Radiant and younger-looking skin, coupled with a well-toned smarter body would surely give you a wow look.