For centuries, we had been hearing of the foods which were known to enhance sexual desire and sexual health and cure sexual problems. These can be called foods for sexual health. However, these aphrodisiacs were a myth until substantial proof was provided by scientific research. The healing and protective effects of fruits and vegetables for sexual health have been proved with compelling proofs.

Foods for Sexual Health

One such fruit with a reputation of enhancing sexual health is watermelon which deserves to be the first in the list of foods for sexual health. The lycopene contained in it is an effective antioxidant that had been used as a precaution against prostate cancer is also an effective nutrient to enhance male fertility.

A study was carried out to scientifically test watermelon’s effect on male fertility. 30 infertile men were taken as a sample and were asked to take a trial of thirty days with lycopene supplement. The lycopene supplement was found to have positive effects on the delivery mechanism in men. Not only does it improve sperm concentration but also its mobility.

In addition to lycopene, watermelon contains another compound called amino acid citrulline which can be regarded as nature’s Viagra. Both citrulline and Viagra increase blood supply to the pelvic area. Citrulline does it by increasing the release of nitric oxide and Viagra destroys the enzymes that reduce nitric oxide’s effect.

Lycopene is abundant in the red portion of watermelon whereas citrulline is found in the rind(the white part). One of them fights free radicals and the other cures erectile dysfunction, giving a perfect combination for the improvement of overall male sexual health. All these benefits make watermelon one of the perfect foods for sexual health.

Though we have been told a lot about the sexually transmitted diseases we are mostly told to only modify our sexual activity to avoid such diseases. However, a proper diet can also play a significant role in decreasing the frequency and degree of severity of STDs. Many STDs like genetic herpes and others can become more likely if you have low immunity. Hence it is obvious that taking those foods which enhance immunity would reduce the risk of such disorders.

Researchers have found that many vegetables e.g. broccoli can be helpful in reducing the chances of genetic herpes. A recent study suggests that vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and keep the herpes virus dormant.

Another compound called lysine is good at preventing herpes and it is abundant in soybeans, and Lima beans.

Papillomavirus is perhaps the most common virus causing sexual disorders. A proper diet can not only prevent the virus activity but can also be helpful in curing those who have acquired it. Researchers have found that women who take more vegetables in their diet are less prone to HPV infections and thus less prone to cervical cancer and infertility. In that perspective, foods rich in lycopene, e.g. tomatoes and watermelons are very effective.

In addition, it is important to know that a low carb diet can reduce a woman’s chances of pregnancy. Moreover, even a moderately high protein diet can hinder the early development of an embryo. The researchers suggest that when a woman is trying to conceive, her diet should contain 20 percent lesser proteins than overall carbohydrate content. Moreover, considering the importance of folic acid against neural tube disorders, all foods abundant in folic acid should be preferred.