There is no need to emphasize the truth that smoking smokes away your health. Even then, millions of people smoke knowingly that what it can do to their health. Most of you are known for the fact that smoking can have devastatingly dangerous effects on the lungs. But what is not known to many smokers is the fact that it can considerably damage their sexual health too. The studies have shown that it kills sex drive and makes a man impotent.

Effects of smoking on Sexual Health

The researchers have asserted that they have found a significant relationship between erectile dysfunction and smoking. Among other causes of impotence, like diabetes, depression, hypertension, and heart disorders, smoking has emerged as another contender putting sexual health at stake.

The studies have shown with overwhelming figures that those men who are addicted to smoke are more likely to get problems like erectile dysfunction as compared to nonsmokers. These studies have also shown that the relative risk is dependent on the amount of nicotine being taken daily by the smokers which means the frequency with which they smoke, i.e. heavy smokers, light smokers, etc. e.g. a man who smokes 10 cigarettes a day increases the risk of getting erectile dysfunction by 27% whereas, those with consumption of 11 to 20 cigarettes a day have this risk increased to 40% than a nonsmoker and so on. Not only does smoking causes harms to sexual health but also poses the threats of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, as well as psychological and emotional disorders.

Moreover, incredibly, almost 11.8 million men, i.e. 22.7% of all reported cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by smoking. Moreover, the height of the problem is that the disorder can not be cured even by quitting the habit of smoking if one had been smoking for a long time. Studies have shown that there is no difference in the state of present smokers and those who have quit. Similarly, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction is also indifferent to age. Young men are as susceptible to erectile dysfunction due to smoking, as are middle-aged or older men.

These alarming figures are enough to make a man quit the evil habit of smoking. Are you still looking for a solid reason to quit?