Many of you might not be aware that medications can affect your sexual health in many ways. Even those medications which are not directly related to sexual health can yield negative impacts on sexual capabilities and libido. Medications which are meant to cure other disorder can have indirect effects on sexual organs or psychological capabilities. In order to learn more about these side effects, keep reading this article.

Effects of Medications on Sexual health

Among the various dimensions of sexual health that can be affected by medications, the one common type of effect is seen on libido. A number of different drugs can significantly reduce sexual desire. Moreover, sometimes, the person under medication fails to maintain sexual arousal to an extent which could help to attain orgasm. In men, particularly, sustaining the erection may become a problem. In this case, no specific related problem is seen yet in women. However, some researchers believe that such problems do exist in women as well but haven’t been measured properly so far.

Among a long list of medications that can affect sexual health, one significant example is the use of antidepressants. The underlying principle behind the functioning of most of the antidepressants is that they hamper the functioning of neural receptors in the brain e.g. that of serotonin. Although this basic working principle does not seem to have any impact on sexual health because neural receptors like these are not found to have any direct relation with sexual capabilities, however, in many cases, an individual’s unique biochemistry can result in some negative impacts of drugs on various areas including sexual health. In most cases, such disorders seem to linger on as long as the person keeps on taking that particular antidepressant. Luckily, in most of the cases, the negative effects can be averted by a mere change of the antidepressant.

Proper blood circulation is very important for normal sexual intercourse, and this is especially true for me. So in some cases, the drugs taken to cure high blood pressure can cast negative effects on abilities like arousal and erection. Moreover, the heart’s health is indirectly related to sexual health because a healthy heart is imperative for enhancing endurance for physical sexual activity.