Sexual disorders can be really disturbing in someone’s relationship with the partner and especially if these disorders are long-lasting and hinder satisfying intercourse, they can be also disturbing psychologically. A number of sexual disorders are those which are related to sexual contact. Around the world, each year, at least two percent of the population approaches the doctors after getting some problems in sexual life. Half of them are said to be suffering from sexual disorders. There are even those who consult psychologists due to the frustration caused by sexual disorders. Although nothing can be said decisively about the cause of all sexual disorders, however, generally speaking, the following factors are known to be most responsible for many common sexual disorders.

Causes of Sexual Disorders

A combination of psychological, physical, or social factors might be the cause of most sexual disorders.

The physical factors include malfunctions in the body which might be a result of side effects from some medications leading to decreased sex desire, irritation in vagina or painful intercourse.

The psychological factors are related to the thinking perception and feelings of a person. There may be a sort of negative feeling towards the partner, a person’s feeling of shame towards his or her own body, a painful or disturbing memory of the past, or any such psychological factor at the back of the mind which may inhibit proper sexual intercourse.

Social causes may be related to such factors and attitudes towards sex in society with which the person is brought up. It may also be a partner’s attitude or other stress factors affecting sexual activity indirectly like unemployment, domestic problems or financial concerns, etc.

Common Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders can generally be categorized as follows;

 1- Reduced sexual desire; in such disorders, a person feels a lack of interest in having sex and some resistance to any sexual contact.

 2- Sexual arousal disorders; such problems are characterized by problems in sustaining erection in men or the problem of insufficient lubrication for having sex in women.

3- Orgasm disorders; these cases include either the early release of sperms or the total lack of sperms.

4- Sexual pain disorders; it makes love-making uncomfortable because of pain either in men or women.

Sexual Disorders Treatment

Treatment of sexual disorders varies according to the type of disorder, however, generally following types of treatment are prescribed;

1- Therapy: if the root cause of disorder lies in a psychological factor, it would require you to visit a psychiatrist or sexologist expert in sexual disorders.

 2- Physical Treatment: see a doctor find out if there is a problem with the body’s proper functioning which is causing the sexual disorder. An expert gynecologist should be consulted.

 3- Medications:  The problems like reduction in sperm production or lubrication can be dealt with with some medicines.

Never feel hesitant to consult an expert if you are going through some sexual disorder or otherwise, it may gradually develop into some serious illness having negative psychological effects as well.