As you grow older, the body grows weaker and health issues start emerging much frequently. Research shows that body functions efficiently till the age of 60, and after that, a decline starts and many issues arise associated with old age.

Elderly Health Issues:

At older age, most of the organs start performing below their normal level. Given below is a list of common elderly health issues faced by elders above the age of 65:

Vision Problems:

These are most common among the elderly health issues. As age increases above 65, the eyesight problems start arising very frequently. Some can be treated with spectacles alone, while others require enhanced medical attention. One of the most common eyesight issues related to old age is cataract. Its details are given below:


It is a slowly developing disorder which eventually damages the whole lens if not treated. The problems start arising when it affects the major areas of lens. It results in blurred vision and eyes becoming more sensitive to light. However, this disorder is fortunately curable and can be overcome through a surgery.

Hearing Problems:

As one grows older, his hearing ability declines and it becomes difficult to distinguish between voices, resulting in communication problems. The common hearing issues related to old age are ‘hard of hearing’ and partial deafness. However, thanks to the technology that this problem is no more that bothering. A wide range of hearing aids available today have made the communication easier for elders. The latest such device is the programmable hearing aids. However, one thing is to be kept in mind that is the problem is not addressed at early stage; one may suffer from complete deafness.


Joint is a connecting place between two bones. The ends of our bones are covered with flexible cartilage which prevents them from friction during movement. However, when we grow old, the cartilage covering starts depleting which results in the rubbing of bone ends causing friction, and hence the problems of inflammation and joints’ pain arise, a condition called osteoarthritis; characterized by wear and tear of bones which is one of the very common elderly health issues.


A significant decrease in the mass and overall density of bones is a common problem in old age, known as osteoporosis. It results in making the bones weak and brittle and hence making them more prone to fractures. That is the reason that even a minor fall or cough can result in damage to bones in elders above 65. Main cause of this common elderly health issue is the decrease in calcium content of bones. Though osteoporosis is more common in women but men can also develop it.

Though not 100% avoidable, but one can slow down the development of these elderly health issues. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle marked with nutritious and pure food can significantly avoid the manifestation of these elderly health issues. However, the smokers are usually seen to develop cataracts sooner than the non smokers. Taking food rich on calcium and doing routine exercise can delay, or even avoid these issues.

One of the role models for elders is Clint Eastwood, who is 75 years old and is still directing movies. Isn’t that great motivation? It is all due to his healthy lifestyle that he is still enjoying a healthy lifestyle at this age and is free from common elderly health issues.