Besides giving you a vibrant and well-shaped body, physical exercise also leaves positive effects on mental health. Problems like anxiety, depression, stress and tension can be dealt to a great deal by physical exercise. These disturbed mental conditions not only affect your mind but also have negative impacts on proper functioning of your body. In such cases, exercise can be used as an antidepressant. How can exercise improve mental health is described as under;


Relationship between exercise and mental activity;

Whenever your body exerts, through any kind of physical exercise, it produces protein molecules called endorphins. Endorphins help in relieving the pain resulting from anxiety and stress. The effects of endorphins on brain are also reflected on our body. They help by reducing pain, cravings, stress, agitation and also regulate hormone production which results in improved appetite and stronger immune system. Moreover, they can even act as anti aging elements. A hectic and tense routine results in the production of cortisol hormones which are a cause of stress. Endorphins produced by exercising replace cortisol hormones resulting in more stable emotional condition. Mild conditions of depression can be easily treated by these endorphins produced by exercising. Besides endorphins, the physical activity also results in the secretion of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine hormones which have positive effects on a person’s mood.

How Can Exercise Improve Mental Health

Instead of taking antidepressants, if one relies on exercise, it would have positive effects both on the physical and mental health. It helps to improve mental health in following ways;

Improves sleep;

Regular exercise helps to improve not only the duration but also the quality of sleep. It helps you get a sound sleep which calms down your mind and you feel fresh for the next day. Many sleep related disorders are easily cured by exercise. Moreover, your sleep-wake schedule is also improved which results in proper functioning of digestive system too.

Physical fitness;

There is no denying of the fact that exercise is the most effective way to improve your physical fitness. It gives you strength and increases your tolerance level and immunity against several disorders. It is a reason for triggering such hormones which make you feel happy. Moreover, exercise also improves your eating habits.

Break from work;

Those who have hectic work routine tend to stay mentally occupied with their work all the time. Some people even take their work home with them. This results in declining mental health and causes stress. Exercise is a good activity to get that work tension out of your mind for a while and gives you a feeling of freshness so that you feel ready to go to work next time.

Self esteem enhanced;

Exercise makes you feel satisfied about your physical health and shape, and hence helps in boosting up your moral by giving you self-confidence. It regulates the energy flow in your body and keeps you fresh all day. When you are strong outside, you would be in a good position to cope up with the inner challenges.

Improves appetite

Those who indulge themselves in regular exercise are well aware of the fact that it improves their appetite a lot. Improved appetite in turn gives you a properly functioning digestive system and your body shows vitality. Your energy level remains boosted.

Better Communication;

Exercise releases endorphin hormones which make you feel happy and in a mood to interact, thus resulting in improved social life and communication with others. This helps you vent out your stress.

Now when you know the answer of “how can exercise improve mental health?”, we hope that you would always be willing to take some time out of your routine to indulge in this healthy activity which is vital for you health.