Mental distress is mostly caused by some imbalance in the proper functioning of brain along with some other social reasons. Some herbs can help eliminate the symptoms associated with the mental distress. Though these herbs can not cure the mental distress hundred percent but can be very effective in reducing the agony associated with it by controlling most symptoms.

Two such herbs are known to be really useful when it comes to curing mental distress. These include the following commonly used herbs in India:

Herbs for Mental Distress

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

This herb, commonly known as Indian Pennywort, is concentrated mostly in areas above 4000ft, however, it is found all over India. Used throughout India, the herb has even shown positive results when used t cure epilepsy. Being a non sedative tranquilizer, it is an excellent cure for hypertension and anxiety. The medicines are made using all the parts of this plant.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Known commonly by the name of winter cherry, this herb has been found extremely effective in curing all such disorders which are related to circulatory system, nervous system, and problems of joints. It is a good cure for hypertension and anxiety and has been found effective in relieving stress and related problems. Moreover, it is also a reliable cure against joint problems like joint pain and arthritis. It enhances the immune system and makes the body stronger overall, letting it combat against many disorders. Weakness and mental fatigue can also be cured through this herb. The root of this plant is used to make medicines against mental distress and mental illness.

Although, the herbs mentioned above are tried and found effective by many, and no side effect have been found to be associated with their use even then it would be wise to first consult your doctor before deciding to use them.