Along with a lot of other benefits of coffee discovered so far, one interesting feature of this magic elixir which has been discovered recently is that it acts as a potentially viable tool against Alzheimer. A number of experiments carried out on animals and humans to determine effect of coffee on memory has shown that an unidentified element of coffee is effective in combating Alzheimer by retaining and enhancing memory. It does so by reducing the level of a protein in brain which is thought to be a cause of Alzheimer.

What is Alzheimer?

Let us first have a basic knowledge of the disease and its implications. It is a degenerative, progressive disease that deteriorates memory. It first affects the short-term memory and then targets long-term memory. At the early stage, the victim experiences difficulties in recalling minor things like forgetting some occasions, failing to recall where keys were placed, forgetting to have lunch etc. At later stages, he starts forgetting even his address, their name and that of family and friends. At the worse stage, the victim even becomes unable to perform simple acts like eating, brushing, etc due to disorientation and they become suspicious, moody, confused, and unable to take care of themselves.

Alzheimer can have a combination of different causes behind it, like genetic, hereditary, and environmental or the build up of a protein in brain cells. Though, the researchers are busy in finding out a cure for the disorder, however, the disorder right now is incurable. One can however delay the onset of the disorder. A reason behind the Alzheimer is the development of a protein called Abeta which can be produced due to the lack of proper sleep because it has a circadian rhythm. Now let us discover how coffee can help combat Alzheimer.

Effect of Coffee on Combating Alzheimer

Stimulates Brain Functioning

The more stimulated you keep the brain, the longer it will stay sharp. Other than the tested methods like playing puzzles, logical problems solving etc. coffee is known to be one of the effective stimulator for brain. Caffeine in coffee is said to be effective in keeping your mind clear and alert. No wonder students take a cup of coffee before starting study. It helps improve the focus. This brain stimulation on daily basis helps delay the onset of Alzheimer.

However, one must keep in mind that although coffee is helpful in delaying the onset of Alzheimer, it cannot be an alternative to the intellectual methods like puzzles etc. it can just be used as a complementary method along with these basic tactics.

Helps Reduce ABeta Production

The experiments performed on mice have shown that those who are given coffee with water perform better when it comes to memory as compared to those who are given water only. This is done by coffee’s ability to reduce the production of ABeta in brain cells and thus it helps delay Alzheimer. The component of coffee responsible for this act is still not known and it is being researched.

Growth Factor and Other Components

In Alzheimer patients, the blood level in a growth factor called Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF), are lower than the normal individuals. Caffeine helps increase its level thus helping combat Alzheimer. Moreover, the anti inflammatory and antioxidants found in coffee are also useful in fighting Alzheimer. Another study revealed that those who developed Alzheimer had consumed lesser coffee in past two decades of their life as compared to those who didn’t developed Alzheimer.

Daily Intake of Coffee

Though, it is revealed by study that most of the coffee consumers consume on average, two cups of coffee daily, but in order to successfully fight Alzheimer, at least 5 coffee cups are needed on daily basis. Though it seems too much but keep in mind that the amount of caffeine in each cup is much less than actual amount of coffee. In a research carried out on mice, 500 milligrams of caffeine was given as a daily dose to the mice and they showed enhanced memory in a time period of two months. For humans, in simple terms, it is equal to 5 cups of coffee daily.