One of the most rapidly spreading health concerns today is obesity. Where it jeopardizes your attractive physical appearance, many people are unaware of the fact that obesity can even lead to some of the very serious and complex health problems like male infertility. Yes, that is true. It has been found that obesity, resulting from unhealthy eating habits, junk food and lack of exercise, etc. can affect the quality of sperm production in males thus causing male infertility.

Obesity and Male Infertility

To get a better understanding of this correlation between obesity and male infertility, let us first have a look at the basic functioning of the male reproductive system. The release of LH hormone from the pituitary gland leads to the stimulation of testes which is induced to produce testosterone hormone in the Leydig cells of testes. This hormone is of prime importance in the production of spermatozoids, male secondary characteristics, and the development of male sexual organs. The entire process takes place properly in those people only who are physically active. That is the basic reason why obese people experience a decreased production of testosterone. This malfunction also reduces obese people’s interest in sex.

Another basic reason why an imbalanced diet can be linked directly to male infertility is that the imbalanced diet, e.g. relying excessively on junk food and not taking healthy nutritious food, can lead to the deficiency of many essential elements in our diet which have a direct relationship with quality of sperm. One such essential element is zinc. Obese people can improve sperm quality by inculcating zinc-rich food in their routine diet. Despite ensuring healthy hair and skin, zinc is essential for quality sperm and also for enhancing their mobility. The foods rich in zinc include nuts, seed, seashells, oysters, meat, poultry, and beans.

The best way to ensure healthy reproductive system in long run, however, is to get rid of extra pounds. You can lose weight by using herbal supplements and by adopting a balanced diet plan. Supplements like hoodia and Gordonii can be effective. Moreover, ensure proper zinc intake for mobility and quality of sperm.

If you are really concerned about your sexual life, get rid of those extra pounds, and stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, you need to be more active. Exert yourself physically by planning a regular walk or other exercises.