Testosterone, produced by the male testes organ, is a steroid hormone and is considered to be the main sex hormone by most of the medical practitioners. A common misconception about this hormone, however, is that it has to do only with the metabolism of men. Since it is the main hormone responsible for male sexual characters, it is commonly thought that testosterone is exclusively a male hormone; however, the truth is that testosterone is also produced in women by their liver and adrenal glands and is responsible for many of their health issues. Let us now understand the vital duties performed by this hormone;

Advantages of Testosterone

The normal production of testosterone in men is vital to a number of metabolic processes. One of the many benefits of testosterone’s normal production is that it lowers the cholesterol level. Other benefits include the urge for sex, enhanced libido, improved memory, lifting up the mood, improved sex performance, acting as an energizer, and protection against cardiac disorders. These are to name only a few out of a much longer list of benefits associated with this wonder hormone. That is the reason it has been under experimentation for years and immense interest is being taken for years into its abilities by psychologists, scientists, and physicians.

History of Research on Testosterone

The history of testosterone’s use can be traced back to 1940 when it was first being used by athletes, actresses, and other celebrities along with its use for children facing growth issues and for adults looking for boosting. Testosterone, whether natural or synthetic, came to be known as an excellent solution for building up muscles and for anti-aging.

A milestone, however, was achieved in this research about testosterone’s marvels as early as 1889 when French Psychologist Charles Édouard Brown-Séquard came out with what he described a ‘rejuvenating therapy for body and mind’. He presented his elixir in the market which was composed of extracts from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. The liquid was called liquid testicular and Sequard claimed that it shows marvelous results when used for increasing physical strength and mental capabilities, and relieving constipation. Though there has not been any record of whether French man was true about these claims, because no customer feedback had been recorded at that time, however, the research broke grounds for further deeper research into the capabilities of the wonder hormone, and today we have a list of scientifically proven advantages associated with testosterone.

While in the past, the only remedy for impotence was testes tissues, we today have Viagra to deal with the problem. Nonetheless, the testosterone hormone has stood up the test of time for centuries.