Where obesity can be a reason for many fatal diseases like cardiac disorders, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stroke, and arthritis, obese men are also at high risk of developing disorders related to sexual health. This happens especially when obese people suffer from blood vessel blockage leading to erectile dysfunction (ED). The risk of ED in men goes side by side with obesity, as was shown by a study that says that 80 % of men who reported to be suffering from ED were obese.

How Obesity Affects Male Sexual Health

Since this disorder creates a hindrance in the interaction of nerves, sensory information blood vessels, and hormones, the patient may experience difficulties in creating or sustaining an erection. ED results from any malfunction in any of these processes e.g. carrying sexual stimulation message to the brain, or providing with adequate blood supply needed for an erection, etc. one common type of disruption is seen when arteries are blocked, resulting in inadequate blood supply to tissues of the penis. Other than the presence of excessive fats in the body, other problems accompanying obesity also cause malfunction of the sexual system, e.g. the problems of high blood pressure, a high proportion of triglycerides, and low-density lipoproteins or a high proportion of bad cholesterol can affect sexual health.

So it is important that you maintain an ideal or at least near to ideal weight. One way to find out whether you have an ideal weight or not is to rely on Body Mass Index (BMI). It is based on an individual’s waist and height and depending on these features, it is suggested whether a person is carrying some extra pounds or not. Individuals with BMI values between 19 and 25 are considered to be fit by the experts, while those between 25 to 30 are overweight and above 30 are considered obese. Moreover, having a BMI value below 19 can also cause disorders like osteoporosis, malnutrition, liver diseases, and insufficient nutrient absorption in the intestine. BMI is a value independent of sex, age, muscle mass, and frame size.

Some experts suggest the following steps improve sexual health by getting rid of obesity.

1- Consult your physician about options like safe diet pills, surgery, or some diet plans which could help you lose weight.

2- Try to avoid those food items which lead to weight gain, e.g. try to avoid junk food.

3- Try to plan regular exercise or other outdoor activities.

4- Engage your partner in talks about the problems you are facing in sexual intercourse and try to solve them together.

5- Try to make love in such a way that doesn’t make your partner feel uncomfortable.

6- Support your partner emotionally.

Keep in mind that obesity can’t be overcome overnight. You need to stick to a diet plan and exercise plan patiently. Once you have managed to shed off some weight, you would decrease the risk of getting problems like cardiovascular disorders and the threats to sexual health.