Keeping your kids safe should be your first priority. Parents should learn how to keep their kids safe and protected from expected hazards in the house or outside. Given below a list of best kids safety tips which help you achieve that kids safety.

Best Kids Safety Tips

The kids safety tips  include what needs to be done and what should not be done:

What needs to be done for kids safety?

  1. Always take care of baby’s hygiene.
  2. Cut the nails regularly and carefully.
  3. Take care of baby’s scalp in order to avoid dermatitis, and fungal infection. Keep the skin clean.
  4. Remove wet nappy as soon as possible, and clean the skin with soap.
  5. Make sure that the genitals are kept dry to avoid fungal infection, because they are more prone to it.
  6. Dress baby in loose cloths allowing the passage of air so that he doesn’t suffer from irritation.
  7. Try to arrange for a separate water proof bed for child near mother’s bed.
  8. Always keep some toys near baby which should create some music.
  9. Keep the room free from dust and insects. It should have proper ventilation and light.
  10. While carrying the baby, make sure you support his head with your hand because neck muscles are very sensitive and weak, so avoid sudden fall of his head.
  11. Mother’s milk is the most preferable nutrition and most balanced diet for infants. Preferring mother’s milk for infant is most important tip from kids safety tips against various stomach problems. It should be given while mother is in sitting position. Mother herself needs to take nutritious diet and keep nipples clean.
  12. If mother’s milk could not be given due to some reasons, cow’s milk can be given to the child. The bottle used for this purpose should be sterilized with warm water before every use.
  13. Cow’s milk has to be boiled and then cooled because diseases like bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis etc are caused by raw milk.
  14. In order to avoid diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and others spread by mosquito bites, use nets. Mosquito bite not only disturbs child’s sound sleep but can also cause skin eruptions resulting in allergies.
  15. Some times, child becomes allergic to some food items, dresses, cosmetics etc. try to keep allergic things away from him.
  16. Assessing the growth of child by noting his height and weight should be done.
  17. The processes like growth development, social development, behavior development, motor development, and language development etc need to be consistent with child’s age. However it is not something to be over-anxious about, because children do show slight variation In this regard.
  18. For a good sound sleep, try to keep the environment calm because children need more sleep than adults and the growth hormones secretion is enhanced during sleep.
  19. An important tip from kids safety tips when it comes to hygiene is that the potty seat needs to be washed with antiseptic liquid pre and post use, also it must not be shared with other children.
  20. Child needs to be inculcated with proper toilet training. This training should start at the age of 10.
  21. If the baby shows such symptoms as rigorous fever, convulsions, excessive crying, stiffness of neck, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, body turning blue, difficulty in breathing with grunting etc, consult a child specialist immediately instead of looking for home kids safety tips.
  22. When driving a car, keep baby in a separate seat belt.
  23. Keep child’s medication in a separate box, affixed with a paper containing all information about dose and administration etc.
  24. Always keep a first aid box in the room, with items like antiseptic, sterile cotton, dressing items, lotions, ointments etc. maintain the contact numbers of doctor, ambulance, police etc in a separate notebook.
  25. Whenever you leave home with your child, keep your ID card and your phone number in his pocket.
  26. When child starts walking, always be with him to prevent falls and injuries.
  27. In emergencies, take first aid measures and take the child to hospital.
    • Choking: If the child has swallowed something which creates obstruction, immediately lie him down on the abdomen with his head in a low position and rub abdomen towards the chest and backwards. Stroke the upper abdomen if needed. If it doesn’t work, call a doctor.
    • Accidental poisoning:  induce vomiting to expel the poison out of the body (except for acids and kerosene). Wash the body in order to avoid any absorption through skin. Take the child to hospital.
    • Electric shock: immediately take away the source of current and if baby is not breathing, try mouth to mouth breath and then take him to hospital immediately.
    • Wounds: Clean the wound with water and stop bleeding with the help of compressing. Raise the wound above the level of heart to stop bleeding or use tourniquet. Take the victim to hospital.
    • Drowning in bath tub: take out the baby and keep in head low position while gently rubbing the abdomen. Try to suck out the water with your mouth until there is no obstruction in breathing. Give cardiac massage and take him to hospital.
    • Burns: pour cold water on the area. Do not take off burned cloths immediately. Try to clean the burns with sterile cotton and then take him to hospital.
  28. Above all kids safety tips, give maximum love, care and support to your child to make him happy and healthy.

What needs to be avoided for kids safety?

kids safety tips include some measures which should be avoided;

  1. Do not shake your body or it would cause damage to his brain.
  2. Make sure that water does not enter kid’s ear while giving him a bath.
  3. Another tip from kids safety tips is that you should avoid placing sharp and pointed items near him, like pencil pen, knife etc.
  4. Keep away the items like mosquito repellents, chemicals, moth balls, ink gums, medicines etc.
  5. Avoid tight clothing.
  6. Don’t keep small articles near him which can be swallowed.
  7. Do not force him to take food when he is crying or coughing.
  8. Do not over feed the kid.
  9. Do not place him near the edge of the bed.
  10. Do not give strangers access to baby and do not allow others to have close contact with him.
  11. Do not smoke inside the house.
  12. Do not leave your kid alone in the kitchen.
  13. Keep away all electrical instruments and do not arrange baby’s bed near electric sockets.
  14. Avoid too strong light in the room.
  15. Do not allow your kid to crawl on soil.
  16. While giving him a bath, keep water level low and do not leave him alone in tub to perform other tasks like attending phone call etc.
  17. Do not unnecessarily take the baby to dusty places, crowded hospital wards or market places etc.
  18. Do not give your child the medicines used by others.
  19. Table lamp should be kept away from baby at night because it attracts insects.
  20. When it comes to giving medicine to your baby, a great tip from kids safety tips which needs to be remembered is that you must always check the expiry date. Never give expired medicine to your kid.
  21. When the baby starts walking, he must not be kept alone upstairs, and should not be allowed to go up on stairs.
  22. If you or someone else in home is sick, stay away from child.
  23. While traveling, do not give your baby the food items taken from strangers.
  24. Avoid close contact of child with pets. Give anti rabies injections to pets and cut nails regularly.

I hope you find these kids safety tips useful.