Where hairdryer has become one of the basic accessories found in every home today, selecting the best hair dryer in this crowded market has become extremely difficult. There are those which are as cheap as $10 and there are also those which can be ten times more expensive. Selecting the best hair dryer means selecting the one which offers the best value for the money you spend is becoming really confusing.

Choosing The Best Hair Dryer

The question is, how you can find out a hairdryer that would understand your hair type and be perfectly suitable for your hair’s needs. The solution to this problem lies in the deep knowledge about different types of available hairdryers so that it becomes easier to find out the best hair dryer which you really need.

While selecting a hairdryer depending on the price, you don’t need to be on two extremes. Neither should you go for the cheapest to save money nor the most expensive in search of quality, when you may not actually need some extra features being offered. You should simply go for the one which offers those features which you actually need. Given below is a brief introduction of different kinds of available hairdryers which would enable you to make a wise choice of your desired best hairdryer.

Different Kinds of Hair Dryers

1- Cheaper hair dryers costing $5 to $10 can be easily found at almost every store. Those who go for such hair dryers ignore the fact that actually, they are not saving money, rather it would cost them a lot in the form of damage to hair. These hairdryers mostly come with only one temperature setting which is extremely hot. So you would end up blasting your hair by overheating. They can be useful only in case you do not use a hairdryer too often or if you use it only for setting your gel or if you have very short hair.

2- Moderately expensive hair dryers ranging from $20 to $50 mostly contain all you really need in routine e.g. multiple temperature settings, cool blast option for brittle hair, or for making curls. So such hair dryers would mostly satisfy everyone’s needs.

3- Professional hairdryers that cost $50 to $100+ are available on beauty supply stores and through professional catalogs. Although these hair dryers are mostly used only by professional hairdressers if you afford them, they can be used at home too. They operate without any sound at all and use the most advanced technologies for drying your hair e.g. ionic energy. Such technologies cut down the drying time to half. They do not cause very little or no harm to your hair.

Just like any other device using heat, hairdryers also have the potential to damage your hair if they are used too often or inappropriately. They can leave your hair frizzy and dull. In order to avoid this damage, make sure that while drying your hair, keep the hair dryer at a distance at least as much as 10 inches and the air stream should be directed down on the hair shaft or otherwise, you may develop heat bubbles in the hair shaft, resulting in dull, frizzy hair.

There is no doubt that while choosing the best hair dryer, the type of hair dryer you use can have an impact on the amount of damage done to your hair, but the major reason behind it is the misuse and overuse of the dryer. So not only do you need to buy a quality hair dryer but you also need to use it properly.