Though summer is a fun season for many, it brings with us a lot of problems or those who want to look beautiful and gorgeous throughout the year. One such problem is the damaged hair. Three major factors which prove devastating for your hair in summer are

* High temperature,
* Moist air laden with seawater, and
* UV rays.

High summer temperature leads to the overheating of hair follicles, ultimately weakening the hair. Seawater and UV rays mix together to cause extreme dryness of our hair and split ends.

Summer Hair Care Tips

In order to cope with such problems, you may find the following summer hair care tips helpful to you.

  • Avoiding Heat;

Everything that is too hot for your hair, needs to be avoided strictly in summer, which means, no excessive blow dries. Moreover, straightening and curls also lead to excessive exposure to heat, resulting in great damage to your hair. You need to keep them as natural as possible. Do not use hot water to wash your hair in summer. Instead, lukewarm or colder is better. Among all summer hair care tips, avoiding heat, especially through blow drying is the most important.

  • Covering Your Hair;

An easy tip from summer hair care tips is to cover your hair. Instead of taking pain later when your hair has already damaged a lot, it would be better if you avoid the burning sun in the first place. So you need to prevent them from the excessive sunlight as much as possible. That can be done by covering your hair with scarves, hats, or caps especially when you are on the beach. However, if that leads to excessive sweating, you can choose to tie your hair in a way that shelters them from sunlight e.g. you can tie them into a bun. That way, a lot of the portion of your hair stays protected and unexposed. While choosing to cover your hair with something, make sure that it is not too tight to hinder the proper blood circulation in your head.

  • Proper Hydration to Your Hair;

When we talk of the summer hair care tip, one most important thing to remember is that in order to protect your hair from drying due to sunlight, you need to keep them hydrated all the time. One simple way to do so is to increase the intake of water in summer. Not only your hair but your body as a whole will remain healthy. Another effective way is to increase the usage of those fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and proteins. This would strengthen your hair besides protecting them from dehydration.

  • Avoid Chemicals;

Natural therapies are always better than depending on unnecessary chemicals. Make sure that the shampoos and conditioners and the oils you are using do not contain alcohol or formaldehyde because they are one of the major reasons for hair dryness and damage your hair to such an extent which causes split ends. Their excessive content often leads to frizzy hair. Also, try to avoid hair colors and highlights. They contain chemicals that are damaging to your hair.

If you manage to follow all the above-mentioned summer hair care tips, I am sure that you would be able to protect your hair in summer and keep looking gorgeous.