Every day, you see hundreds of people with hundreds of different hairstyles and different hair colors, but perhaps you would have never thought that you do have a particular hair type. Interestingly, we have a lot of hair types that significantly fife from all other hair types.

Basic Structure of Hair

To understand this phenomenon, let us first understand the basic structure of the hair.

  1. The part from where the hair grows is called the follicle which is long and bulbous. The cells at the follicle base rapidly divide and hence contribute to hair growth.
  1. Each strand of your hair is composed of three layers. The innermost of these three layers is called the medulla. However, it is present in only the thick hair.
  1. The middle layer called the cortex is responsible for providing the strength, the texture, and the specific color to your hair.
  1. The outermost layer, called the cuticle, is colorless and its purpose is to provide protection to the cortex.
  1. The whole strand of hair is composed of a protein known as keratin.

Kinds of Hair

Coming to the kinds of hair, there are basically two kinds

  1. The first kind of hair called terminal hair is that type which is long and thick and grows on head, armpits, pubic hair face, and chest. In the case of men, it grows on the face and chest other than on the head and armpits.
  1. The soft hair found on the rest of the body is called vellus hair.

Hair Type

Now let us come towards the hair type. It is mostly dependent on the part of the map where you or your parents belong.

  1. Those of Asian descent have the thickest hair type. They have thick and round hair strands. Excluding the redheads, the people of Asian descent have the thickest hair as compared to all others.
  1. Those from European descent, having dark or blonde hair, have thinner hair and their strands are round or oval.
  1. People with African descent usually have flat hair strands, which is a reason for frizzy and curly hair.

Its fun to see what happens when you are a mixture of Asian and African genes or Caucasian and African genes. So actually, your hair type also reflects something about your descent. Now you are in a position to find out why your hair is the way it is. Just by deeply studying your family tree, you can come to know about your hair type background.