Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body and perhaps one of the most precious one too. However, the problems related to eye sight today have become far more common than they were few years ago. Thanks to the technological advancement, we have developed many ways to cope with these problems. However, which remedy is most suitable for you is dependent upon your lifestyle and level of comfort with a specific remedy. Although, there is an increasing tendency to get an eye surgery nowadays for getting rid of the vision related errors, however, it is always better to take advice from an eye specialist before deciding which remedy would be best for you. The reasons of increasing eye surgery LASIK today are numerous. Some are explained as under.

10 Reasons for Eye Surgery LASIK

1- People want to get rid off the mess of contact lenses and glasses.

2- one of the cost oriented reason for eye surgery LASIK is that it is much cheaper than bearing the costs of glasses, lenses and their solutions for a whole life. These items cost thousands of dollars when calculated on yearly basis.

3- Eye surgery LASIK saves your time. It has been found through research that a contact lens wearer on average spends around 60 hours, or in other words 2.5 full days, in cleaning, wetting, soaking and maintaining his lenses.

4- Every morning, when you wake up, you don’t need to put on your glasses immediately to see what time it is.

5- You are free to do every thing like a normal person. You can go swimming, hunting, diving without having to carry your glasses with you.

6- Whenever you have to travel for days, or go camping, you would be free from the hassle of carrying your contact lenses, solution, or glasses with you.

7- You are allowed to fall asleep whenever you feel like without having to first remove your lenses.

8- Whether you are putting on make up or you are shaving, you can see every detail clearly without having to put on glasses after every moment.

9- Nothing can stop you from playing outdoor games which you couldn’t play before because of the fear that you lenses would get dry in wind, or your glasses wouldn’t work in fog.

10- Eye surgery LASIK frees you from the negative effects of using contact lenses for a long time.

In other words, the greatest reason of eye surgery LASIK is that it makes you forget that you once suffered from a vision error, and makes you life full of convenience. However, you must not make any decision without consulting an eye specialist because it is the matter of your eyes and you can’t afford to take any risk for them. Whatever is your reason for eye surgery LASIK, you first need proper check up to make sure that it would be suitable for your eyes