Brainwave Shots is 15 minute audio MP3s designed to induce brainwave activity in the mind. They utilize special brainwave noises to alter the way you think.

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Brainwave Shots Review

Brainwave Shots Review

Are you ever too stressed to focus? Too tired to get up? Too anxious to relax? Imagine if I said that you could alter your mood, emotions, and mental state by simply listening to audio or certain sounds. BrainwaveShots’ innovative digital downloads are designed to help you do just that. These audios last 15 minutes and can change your brainwaves to help you live a happier, healthier, and more stress-free lifestyle.

BrainwaveShots can be used by anyone who wants to improve their mental state. These audio’shots are safe for anyone of any age. BrainwaveShots warns that there are certain contraindications to these products and that epilepsy sufferers should be cautious when using them.

What Is Brainwave Shots?

Brainwave Shots is 15 minute audio MP3s designed to induce brainwave activity in the mind. They utilize special brainwave noises to alter the way you think. Use them to achieve goals, increase brainpower, creativity, confidence, happiness, focus, and so much more. The best part is these frequencies have been proven by thousands of people to be effective, even for those with clinical problems. The reason they work is because brainwave activities mirror the results achieved through meditation and other spiritual practices. In fact, it is as if the brain is saying, “I am doing my best to achieve this goal.”

What exactly is a brainwave shot? It is a collection of sounds ranging from soft bells and tapping sounds to buzzing and humming sounds. The brain responds to the sound patterns and creates a soothing mood. This process is similar to meditation. The only difference is that instead of trying to consciously focus on a thought or achieve a goal, the soothing tones and sounds encourage thoughts and feelings to come to the forefront.

Brainwave Shots General

How Does Brainwave Shots Work?

The principle of brainwave entrainment is quite simple. Once you start listening to the recordings, it is just a matter of repeating the patterns and sounds until they start to become embedded in your subconscious. The brainwaves will then fire automatically with the appropriate frequency. For instance, if you visualize one another while listening to one another, the frequencies will be synchronous and you will achieve a deep connection. For meditation, it is best to listen to the sounds of the ocean or fireflies because they are known for their synchronization.

Why are fireflies and ocean so good for brainwave entrainment? When we hear the sounds of the ocean or the howling of fireflies, the visual stimuli associated with it cause us to experience a deep relaxation. With this form of brainwave therapy, it will take just a matter of seconds for your mind to achieve a deep level of relaxation. It is also known to promote lucid dreaming and astral projection. These things are important in achieving altered states of consciousness.

Aromatherapy is also another tool in using brainwavesshots. Certain sounds, like the sound of flowing water or the crackling of a campfire, will set a relaxed mood. It will help you experience a pleasant mood anytime you want to listen to these recordings. If listening to these recordings while meditating, it will also increase your chances of reaching an altered state of consciousness.

Brainwave Shots inspires creativity also. When listening to these sounds, it will increase your creative ability and efficiency. People who often record their own creative ideas often do so with the help of Brainwave Shots. This is because the soothing sounds produced by this recording will induce a state of relaxation and set the brainstorming process in motion. It is said that creative ideas are produced when your subconscious mind becomes awake enough to experience them. When you are meditating, your conscious mind is busy trying to distinguish between conflicting thoughts, which results to your subconscious mind having only one solution – to improvise.

Features Of Brainwave Shots

Brain category – Brainpower shot. Learning shot. Focus shot. Brainwave shots ReviewExam shot. Creativity shot.

Relaxation category – Stress reduction shot. Power Nap shot. Sleep shot. Chakra shot.

Categories – Happiness shot. Motivation shot. Chilled shot.

Energy category – Alert shot, Morning Caffeine shot Alert shot, Performance shot Energize shot and Gym Shot

Health category – Healing shot, Tension release shots, Immune boosters, Pain relief shot, and Jet lag shot

Meditation category – Alpha shot, Delta shot. Theta shot. Schumann shot.

Mindstate category – Confidence shot. Sex shot. Party shot. Love shot. Success shot.


  • Sleep shot
  • Happiness shot
  • Stress reduction shot
  • Alert shot
  • Brainpower shot
  • Success shot
  • Theta shot (meditation)
  • Healing shot
  • Inner Peace shot
  • Pain Relief shot
Brainwave Shots Book


  • Brainwave shots increase motivation, self-confidence and creativity.
  • It balances the mental state and creates a sense of calm.
  • This is a good option for those who don’t like supplements.
  • It’s easy to use, and you can access it from your mobile device.
  • Brainwave Shots offers cognitive support in a variety of fields.
  • Brainwave has many positive aspects.


  • Brainwave Shots are only available online.
  • You can also download it as a PDF file.
Brainwave Shots Results


For the individuals who want to be more creative and have the ability to drive their creative juices rushing, brainwave entrainment is the best tool to use. The use of brainwave entrainment recordings will enable you to unleash the full power of your subconscious mind. Through binaural beats, tones and pulses, you can achieve this state. The Brainwave Entrainment recordings will help you visualize what you want and then your subconscious mind will try to create this in real life through various forms of stimuli. From music to voice and sounds, the options are definitely limitless and you can find some form of stimulation that will work for you.

There are many websites on the Internet that offer Brainwave Shots. You can easily download a free trial version and take the first steps to having a creative thought, a powerful decision and a strong passion for whatever you want to achieve in life. Once you listen to brainwave shots for the first time, you will surely find that it can help you unleash the creative juices flowing within you. You can try it out today and you can have all the benefits that it offers.

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