Understanding Diabetes 

Diabetes! I don’t expect that any one of you have never heard of it. Haven’t you? It has become so common that every lay man should have knowledge of it. Only then you would be able to get your self protected from this very common…


Treating Diabetes 

One of the most common diseases today is diabetes. It is characterized by malfunctioning of carbohydrate related metabolism in the body. The symptoms include excessive urine production, excessive hunger, thirst, and weight loss, blurred vision, repeated infection, delay in healing of skin, and excessive fatigue. The…


Acne vs Cold Sores – What is The Difference? 

Generally, acne and cold sores are perceived to be the same thing. However, these are the names of two different skin problems. Although, both these skin problems share some common symptoms, but regarding the causes and the treatment, they have absolutely no similarity at all. So in…

Exercising on Empty Stomach
Fitness Tips

Exercising on Empty Stomach, good or bad? 

If you ask someone whether exercising on empty stomach is good or bad, you would get as many different replies as many people you question. Some say it’s bad, others say it’s good. Some leave it to a person’s body type while others say it is your own choice…