Today’s hectic lifestyle with busy routines and strict deadlines has made it very hard for us to take out some time for us to relax a bit. Our own needs have perhaps gone down to second priority. Such a lifestyle is bound to show its results in the form of stress on our mind. It may sometimes take a dangerous position of insomnia, panic attacks, nervousness and other related brain disorders. It may even lead to heart diseases or hypertension etc.  in order to lead a healthy life amidst this stress full routine, here are a few tips to relax your mind:

Ways to Relax Your Mind:

I am listing here a few techniques whose regular implication can help you overcome stress:

Breathe Smoothly:

Every one of you would have noticed that stress makes your breathing process a bit imbalanced and rapid. It makes you inhale more than exhaling. This condition results in an imbalance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body resulting in depression and fatigue. So whenever in stress, try to have a proper control on your breathing activity. You can do it by getting yourself seated and then taking deep breaths. The proper way is to take a deep breath through nose and after holding it for a second, let it go out smoothly through the mouth. If you repeat this process 8 to ten times you would not only gain a better control of breathing but will also be able to immediately relax your mind.


Meditation is a relaxed state of mind which requires you to sit on a peaceful place with eyes closed and mind clears from all disturbing thoughts with focus on a single point. Not only does it help you vent out your stress but also relaxes body muscles. The most popular techniques for meditation include tai chi and yoga. You can meditate even more effectively when praying.

Listening Music:

An amazing way to relax your mind is to listen to a low beat music which soothes you and relaxes the stressed mind. You can use it as a therapy while starting your day and when going to bed at night. Some experts say that soft music not only helps in slowing down breathing process but also reduces high blood pressure.


Massage makes you feel like heaven when your body is stressed out due to exertion whole day. Especially a deep tissue massage at the end of a hectic day would release all the stress from your body and mind and would result in relaxation of some muscle fibers which otherwise do not get relaxed. You can reap the benefits of massage only if it is done by a professional. Moreover, if it is accompanied with aromatherapy through such oils as lavender, and chamomile, it would even be more helpful.

How to Relax Your Mind When Going to Bed?

A stressful mind seldom gets a sound sleep. If you are in a need to relax your mind so that you may fall asleep, an interesting way can be to start counting backwards. E.g. count from 20 to 1. It’s not something stupid. Actually you are making a fool of your own mind by tactfully distracting its attention from troublesome thoughts towards a seemingly childish activity. Another useful tip is to take a hot bath with some pleasantly smelling bath oils before you go to sleep. It releases the stress of tensed muscles and makes you feel at ease. Writing down your worries on a paper while preparing to sleep can also be a beneficial activity because it gives you a clarity about the way you are living your life and what you need to change.

Ways to relax your Mind at Workplace:

For most of us, workplace is among the most stressful places in our daily routine because it is full of responsibilities and deadlines. However, a little change in your work environment can turn your work place into a better place. Try to keep your desk clean and mess free by removing all unwanted things from it. A good idea to make your desk a better place to sit rather than a torture cell is to keep some family photographs on it. Try to be more organized by prioritizing all your work according to the importance level. Only try to focus on the immediate work you are ought to do. It will improve your performance and help your mind to relax a bit by getting rid of unwanted tensions.

Besides these tips to relax your mind you also need to have a healthy lifestyle which includes balanced diet, proper sleep, physical exercise and a reduction in smoking and alcohol consumption.