What is your to-do list for today? School activities, work projects, music lessons, sports practice, household chores, neighborhood meeting, and family time. Aren’t you forgetting something very important? Where does a sound sleep fall in the list?

All your to do list will seem like a mountain to conquer if you didn’t sleep well and didn’t get up fresh in the morning. You guys have such a busy routine that you forget to take some time out for you and in all this chaos, the only thing you are ready to compromise is your sleep which should have actually been given the top most priority because if you don’t sleep well, you won’t have a relaxed mind and body thus you won’t be able to give your hundred percent to those tasks which are on preference for you. A good night’s sleep is even very necessary for a good immune system. Those who work in night shifts or who have to suffer from a disturbed unnatural sleep time are prone to the problems like heavy, aching head because their schedule doesn’t go with the biological clock of their body.

A large number of people working in night shifts even suffer from sinusitis. When body does not get the appropriate rest, it results in mind’s alertness at unusual time, hence stressing your brain by concentrating more than usual. This often shows up in the form of a headache because of tired nerves due to over work. You even get more vulnerable to different types of allergies because of weakened immune system. So along with a healthy nutritious diet and exercise, a proper sleep is something which should be a priority in order to get a relaxed mind and body.

Following list of instructions, if followed strictly, can help you get a sound sleep and hence a fruitful day:

Ways to a Relaxed Mind and Body

1 – Cut down your alcohol consumption, smoking and caffeine. These are the things which hinder a sound sleep. Along with that, routine exercise can really help you get a peaceful sleep.

2 – No matter how much is still left on the to-do list, strictly follow the schedule when it says that its time to go to bed. That way, you would not be compromising a fresher you next morning.

3 – It’s imperative to follow a strict schedule when it comes to going to the bed and getting up. This should be done at the same time every day so that your biological clock keeps ticking properly.

4 – Try to finish everything left on the list till evening. Make sure to complete your preferred tasks a while before it is bed time. That way, you could relax your mind a bit before going to sleep.

5 – To ensure a sound sleep, your environment should be peaceful and your mattress should be comfortable. Sleep in a quite, peaceful and cool room so that you do not compromise a soothing sleep.

The tips mentioned above, if followed carefully, would enable you to have a relaxed mind and body next morning, making you all set to make a new to-do list and follow it enthusiastically.