The researchers have revealed that to get happy is wholly and solely dependent on you. Once you have decided to get happythe 90% of the task is already done. Reducing stress and staying happy is something which is under your own control at least to some extent. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to get happy or you decide to stay with depression?

 Decide to Get Happy

Though, we cannot completely control the circumstances and we don’t have hundred percent control on our lives, but the decision to get happy under any circumstances is something which only we can take. Remember, happy people are those who decide to get happy no matter what difficulties they are facing in their career, social life, relations and financial status. The honest answers to simple questions can sometimes do a great job. You need to answer the question honestly whether you want to get happy or not.

Every morning when you wake up, the first most important question you need to ask yourself is, are you looking forward to start an absolutely new day with an equally new vigor and revived enthusiasm? The answer to this question alone would decide to a great extent, what type of day you are going to have ahead. You decide to stay away from depression, and you WILL stay away from depression. Instead of imagining the day ahead as a long, boring day with lots of tasks to accomplish, give your thinking and imagination a new positive direction and take the day as a challenge, and look towards it with vitality and energy. You would find thousands of reasons to be thankful to God, thousands of reasons to be happy with your routine life only if you think positively. Every new day should be looked at as a chance to add new experiences to your life.

Towards the end of the day, you need to ask yourself a second question. Do you still have some energy to wind up the day on a positive note? Most of us come back home tired and exhausted and all we do is just end up the day with a ‘not so good’ mood. You can change the way you end up your day by changing the way you look towards this ‘second half; of the day. Don’t you deserve to get a treat for accomplishing your tasks successfully? This thought alone should make you feel lightened up. No matter how good or bad the ‘first half’ of the day was, the second half belongs solely to you. You chose to feel exhausted and you would be exhausted, you chose to feel happy and you would get happyYou can make the day special and relaxing by calling upon a friend or spending some time with loved ones. No matter how simple the things are, if you are willing to enjoy, you can enjoy every bit of them. If you can feel, nothing can be as soothing and refreshing as the time spent over a cup of coffee with a friend.