Personal hygiene is the key to a healthier life. Not only it enhances your overall physical health but also it is necessary for social acceptance and a good confidence level. Given below are top ten tips for personal hygiene maintenance which would help you feel confident, healthy and clean.

Personal Hygiene Tips

Daily Shower

Taking shower daily is a must for healthy and clean day-to-day life. It keeps you fresh and full of energy to perform your daily chores more effectively. Daily shower would rid you of unpleasant body odor. Moreover, using a shampoo of a reputed brand for cleaning your hair is also a good practice. Daily shower with a soap or liquid foam rids you the risk of hundreds of diseases caused due to poor hygiene.

Wear Clean Cloths

Wearing clean and tidy cloths is not just a personal hygiene tip but is also essential for a confident social life and internal feeling of wellness. Once you have worn a dress couple of times, you must wash it. If you had a sweaty day, you should wash your cloths after wearing them once.

Use Deodorant Daily

In order to avoid a smelly body and to get rid of embarrassment in social gatherings, you should regularly use a good deodorant.

Brush Your Teeth Daily

For getting a fresh breath and to avoid microbes in your teeth, it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day or even more than that if required. It is necessary to avoid the growth of disease-causing microbes in your mouth that you take good dental care and also use dental floss and brush your tongue too. Take care of your gums too, and regularly visit a dentist as possible.

Wash Your Hands Several Times a Day

Washing hands with a hand wash or antiseptic soap before and after taking meals, after doing your work and at arriving home is one of the most critical personal hygiene tips. it is imperative that you keep your hands free of any disease-causing microbes and infections.

Trim and Clean Your Nails

Regularly cut your nails using a nail cutter. Trimmed nails and washed hands prevent microbes from going into your mouth.

Prevent Bad Odor of Feet

Cotton socks should be preferred and you need to change your socks daily. Wearing socks at night should be avoided, especially in summer. It is a good personal hygiene tip to use antiperspirants on your feet and wearing such shoes which allow air to enter into them. If you do not take a bath daily, you should at least wash your feet many times in a day.

Get Rid of Stray Hairs

Stray hairs on your chin, in nose, upper lip, ears, brow etc not only look ugly but are also a source of attracting microbes that result in diseases and infections. So, in order to get a clean appearance and stay away from infections, do not forget to pluck stray hairs regularly.

Take Healthy Food and Drinks

Make sure that your daily food intake comprises of healthy, nutrition rich ingredients and is clean and safe. Moreover, try to choose healthy and refreshing drinks.

Sleep Good

Taking the required amount of sleep in imperative for a good, healthy and clean skin because adequate sleep reduces the chances of getting wrinkles and dark circles.