It is almost the same with all of us that in a cold winter day, the very though of a warm steamy shower is very soothing. whereas, when it is a sunny hot day of summer when the sun seems to burn everything, we crave for a cold shower that could help us kill the heat. However, it is often said that a cold shower is much healthier and beneficial than a hot steamy shower. The question arises, is this assumption based on proper research? And if it is true, what is the underlying reason behind this truth.

Cold Shower vs Hot Shower

To know the answers of all these questions, and for more detailed information about cold shower vs hot shower, keep reading this article.

Hot Shower-Advantages

Besides the soothing feeling associated with a steamy shower in a cold winter day, hot shower has a lot of other benefits to offer, some of them are as follows.

Chest Congestion and Respiratory problems

The steamy water rids you from chest congestion, opens nasal blocks, and helps against other respiratory problems. Especially when the hot water is mixed with eucalyptus or any other oil, it can flush out the mucus by softening it.

Induce Sleep

The soothing warm water relieves the tension of your stressed muscles, helps get rid of fatigue and thus increases the chances of a calm and sound sleep. it slows down the blood pressure and pulse rate thus giving a serene feeling.

Skin Care

The steamy water opens skin pores and thus helps in getting a softer and clear skin. with opened pores, the moisturizing is more effective and cleansing becomes deeper.

Sore Muscles

By improving the blood circulation, hot water helps in relieving the fatigue of sore muscles, acting like ht packs on them.

Increases Libido

The soothing hot and fragrant water increases libido and induces a sensual feeling.

Hot Shower-Disadvantages

Despite the above mentioned advantages of hot shower, there are some negative effects associated with hot shower. Some of them are as under.

Affects cardiovascular system

Hot shower is not recommended for those who suffer from any cardiac disorder because it is found to have been responsible for hypertension, arrhythmia and related disorders.

Affects Skin and Hair

The pores opened by steamy water can easily get filled with dirt and thus results in acne in many cases. Moreover, hot shower results in the weakening of hair, causing them to break easily.

Depresses Physiological Systems;

Some studies have shown that since the hot water increases body temperature, it not only results in acidity but also causes some physiological processes in the body to slow down.

Cold Shower-Advantages

When talking about the debate of cold shower vs hot shower, the Indian ancient knowledge of medicine, Ayurveda, emphasizes cold shower to be given priority over hot shower. Following are some of the reasons;

Improves Circulation

Unlike hot shower, which improves blood circulation to skin, cold shower improves it to the organs level. This has a positive effect not only on skin but other organs too, including heart. It decreases body temperature, thus fighting against heat.

Heart’s Health

The improved circulation in turn improves heart’s health and makes it easier for arteries to supply blood to every part. It reduces blood pressure and clears blocked arteries resulting in improved circulatory system and hence an improved immunity system.

Cleanses the Body

Besides cleaning the external body and skin, cold shower helps cleanse the internal muscles by causing them to contract and thus releasing all toxins.

Skin and Hair

By closing the skin pores and the pores on scalp, cold shower blocks the way of any dust which might accumulate in open pores. By improving hairs’ capacity to firmly grip the scalp, cold shower also contributes to stronger, healthier and shinier hair. Moreover, it relieves the skin from sunburns and inflammation.

Cold Shower-Disadvantages

The only disadvantage found to be associated with cold shower is during the menstrual period because at this time, muscles need to be relaxed and not contract as they are already under stress. Other than that, there are no negative effects associated with cold shower.

Form the above discussion on cold shower vs hot shower one can easily conclude that cold shower has many benefits over hot shower. If you find it difficult to completely adopt cold shower, try to alternate cold showers and hot showers, because even that can be beneficial. Moreover, ending a shower with cold water can also provide benefits associated with cold shower.