The researchers have found a dangerously increasing tendency of people becoming overweight at a higher rate as compared to a few years back. The biggest concern is that it includes a considerably high percentage of children too. Child obesity has been sky rocketing in a few years.

The culprits for this increasing trend include genetics, over eating, unhealthy lifestyle, and slower metabolism as age increases, making digestive system lesser efficient.

However, there are many ways which can rid you of this problem which is underlying cause for many serious disorders. Among many other ways like, liposuction, dietary plans and exercise etc, another weight loss technique which is being used a lot these days is the intake of weight loss drugs. A reason why people are turning more rapidly towards drugs is because of the impatience and concept that it is the most rapid way to lose weight.

Weight Loss Drugs

Drug intake for inducing weight loss was very much in business since 1950s to 1990s when doctors used to prescribe this method. These weight loss drugs help lose weight by inducing brain to produce more serotonin, which makes you feel fuller and enhances your metabolism. However, when the awareness increased about serious side effects associated with weight loss drugs, doctors stopped prescribing them. These drugs were found to be a causing heart valve disease.

After this wave of awareness, some new weight loss drugs were introduced to replace the earlier ones. Many of these are still not approved by FDA though. But people tend to turn towards these drugs because of the very idea that you can lose weight just by taking a drug and nothing is being sacrificed, neither you need to change diet nor is there any need to go to a gym.

These weight loss drugs are easily available on any medical store and are even been prescribed by many doctors today. However, these may still pose serious threats to your health in many ways and can have many unwanted side effects. Ranging from diarrhea, vomiting and tightness of chest, problems of urinary tract, these drugs can even result in cardiac disorders in some cases.

Overdose of weight loss drugs can result in hallucinations, confusion, shallow breathing, convulsions, heart attack and renal failures. Different people with varying lifestyles and dietary habits can be caught in different types of side effects, so it is always advisable to consult your doctor before using these weight loss drugs.

The worse part is that a person used to taking such drugs when decides to shun them, may suffer from such side affects as pain in stomach, nightmares, hyperactivity, mood swings, extra fatigue, trembling, depression, nausea and severe irritability.

If you want to lose weight using weight loss drugs, you must also go with this drug intake with low-calorie, but balanced diet and exercise. A balanced diet would be the one which has all essential nutrients but in a balanced measure. You can rely on oats, rice, potatoes, and cereals. However, the best option is vegetables and fruits because of their phytochemical content, enzymes and essential micronutrients.

Jogging and going to a gym are very beneficial along with balanced diet; however, while going for exhaustive exercises, it is better to consult your physician. The best suited exercise plan would be the one that involves weight training and cardiovascular exercises.