Among lots and lots of other ways devised today for weight loss, one common tool is tea. Herbal tea, dieter’s tea, slimming tea and many other names are given to the products which are actually composed of the same ingredients. Although you may find them effective but there are some harmful effects associated with them which most of the dieters perhaps do not know.

Is it Safe to Use Slimming Tea?

The major ingredients of all kinds of slimming tea are herbs which act as laxatives. The most prominent among these are the herbs like aloe, senna, rhubarb root, cascara, buckthorn and castor oil which are being used since centuries and are known for curing constipation and inducing bowl movement. What this tea actually does to your metabolism is that it induces frequent bowl movement, causing the dieter to flush out the toxins and he feels as if body has been cleansed. However, this cleansing is not the only function performed by slimming tea.

The laxatives like senna, castor oil and cascara are the most common and readily available in the form of drugs too. Researchers have found that these laxatives cause diarrhea which does not absorb calories in our body. This is because these laxatives perform their function on large intestine and not in the small intestine where the calories absorption process mainly takes place.

The prolonged use of slimming tea may result in greasy diarrhea which leads to weight loss. This is because when slimming tea is taken in large amounts, it affect the natural absorbing capabilities of our body. So keep in mind that when taken in large quantities, though you would certainly lose weight but you will do it at the cost of irreversible damage to gastrointestinal tract and may also suffer from osteomalacia whereby the bones become weaker and softer. Even then, this slimming tea would actually be preferred by the dieters because of being cheaper and better in taste as compared to many other laxatives. Similarly, sufferers of bulimia and anorexia nervosa use slimming tea because of its ability to give watery stool.

The most dangerous effects of slimming tea can be seen in women because rapid weight loss may become a bi problem especially in menstrual period. Pregnant women should stay away from any kind of laxatives. Experienced herbalists often recommend pregnant women and those trying to conceive to avoid the use of laxatives.

Be ware of the misleading labeling on such products. E.g. they may not use the word of laxatives directly on their label but the words like “natural bowl cleansing properties” or “low calorie” etc.

If you are using laxatives, e.g. in the form of slimming tea, please be sure that you do not consume them in the quantities more than what are prescribed and for the time period longer than suggested. In such cases, you may suffer from rectal bleeding, dehydration, electrolyte disorder, fainting diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, nausea etc. even worse is the fact that in some cases, excessive use of slimming tea or laxatives generally, have led to decades of pain due to prolonged constipation which eventually leads to the surgical removal of colon completely.