If you are keen to change your diet to healthier one and have decided to alternate the high cholesterol junk food with fresh, healthier and nutritious food, there is nothing better than that. However, sometimes it seems simply impossible to get rid of fast food. There are occasions when you want to develop social ties by having fun and hangouts with your friends in restaurants. There are other occasions when you are looking for something different to fight boredom or you are too hungry to wait for the meal being cooked. When you are in office, you might not have any alternative for the lunch than to order something from a restaurant. In such cases, you can decrease the intake of huge calories and bad fats just by making a wise choice. If only you know how to choose low calorie fast food, you can keep yourself healthy without compromising your taste.

Tips for Choosing Low Calorie Fast Food

Although the terms fast food and low calorie may see like opposites, however, trust me that they can be combined together to create a outclass mix of taste and health. Most of the office goers are under a misconception that the salads which they order as a lunch is a better choice as compared to other fast foods. However, they do not notice that most of the salads being served by fast food restaurants are high in calories. So do not get deceived by green color of salads. A wiser choice would be to select a salad with fresh, seasonal and organic green food items with a healthy combination of olive oil (greatest enemy of cholesterol), grilled chicken, or flaked salmon and some fresh veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, red and yellow pepper and carrots. Do not go after salads loaded with mayonnaise and cream. Moreover, the toppings like cheddar cheese, gorgonzola cheese, blue cheese, diced boiled eggs, prosciutto, and bacon should be avoided.

A tip to make your favorite salad a low calorie fast food item is that if you are ordering a dressing for it, order it on the side. This way, you can choose how much would you take. Moreover, if you are going for a salad containing olive oil, even then you need to be careful because olive oil does contain calories. The excess of everything is bad, and same goes for olive oil. If it is consumed in moderate quantity, only then you can reap the unmatched benefits associated with it. Similarly, salads with white meat like turkey and chicken should be preferred on crumbed chicken or batter fried chicken.

If you can’t avoid hamburger, at least stay far away from having a hamburger with extra toppings. That is a strict no if you are really concerned about your health. So replace a double patty burger with single patty burger and stay away from extra mayonnaise, cheese and guacamole. Moreover, avoid too much ketchup and mustard sauce as they are rich in calories.

Instead of having plain bun, going for a whole grain burger would be a good option. Moreover, buns with poppy seeds or sesame seeds would also be healthful alternatives because these are not only tasteful but also high in fiber. Moreover, try to avoid French fries because they are cooked mostly in hydrogenated oil and are high in calories.

Most of you would be very fond of sandwiches. No doubt they are among the most loved fast foods. However, they are also among the high calories fast food. If you are a bit more careful you can easily convert this high calorie fast food into low calorie fast food and enjoy your favorite sandwich without putting your health on stake. E.g. instead of going for a bacon or beef sandwich, you should prefer turkey or grilled chicken sandwich. Moreover, you can opt for honey and mustard dressing for your sandwich instead of other heavier dressings. A sandwich containing some extra lettuce, cucumber and olives and made with whole grain bread can be really nutritious and healthy. It would make you feel fuller for longer period without feeling a need for second sandwich.

No doubt, you can have problems in the beginning when opting for low calorie fast food in the presence of so many other options, but once you start, you would slowly develop a taste for it. In addition to above mentioned guidelines, you should also try to avoid heavy milkshakes and sodas.