Today, a wide variety of drinks are being prepared by using vitamin water. What exactly is the composition of vitamin water? The constituents include plain water, vitamins, and minerals. The plain water’s nutrition value is improved by adding to it some basic components needed by our body. However, there is a problem area for this type of water. The ingredients also include fructose i.e. processed sugar. Now there is a question mark as to whether vitamin water is good for you or not.  If you want to find the answer, keep reading:

Is Vitamin Water Good for Your Health?

Although the advertisements for vitamin water nowadays are depicting it as a very nutritious and healthful drink we need to look beyond advertisements. The concern arises whether children should be allowed to drink vitamin water? Is it beneficial for their health? Vitamin B and C contained in vitamin water in moderate quantities are no doubt healthful ingredients but the real problem is with the artificial sweetener. Health experts have a consensus that too much consumption of artificial sweeteners is not beneficial for your health. So the excessive consumption of vitamin water can have negative impacts on the health of adults and children alike. Moreover, the calorie level also increases with vitamin water because of the added sugar. With every bottle of vitamin water, you are taking in 124 calories and 32g sugar which means that too much consumption can lead to obesity.

How Vitamin Water can be Beneficial for You:

Although there are some negative repercussions attached to the excessive use of vitamin water, it would be wrong to say that it is altogether a bad or harmful drink.  The negative aspect of sugar and high calories attached to vitamin water can be harmful to some consumers but it does contain some ingredients very vital for our health which makes it preferable over more harmful caffeine-laden drinks. But make sure that the use of vitamin water is not excessive to cause health damage in the form of obesity. If you are using vitamin water for enhancing your skin’s health, plain water would be a better option as compared to vitamin water.

A Final Word of Caution.

Although vitamin water is healthful in some ways it doesn’t at all mean that it should be used in place of plain water. Excess of everything is bad. Nothing can replace the utility of plain water. Due to the presence of artificial sweeteners and chemicals, it would not be wise to consume a complete bottle of vitamin water in a day. Moreover, when it comes to the utility of mineral water for pregnant women, I would say, it is good for them if consumed occasionally.

In short, I would say that the utility or health risk of vitamin water is totally dependent on one factor and that is the quantity being consumed in a day. Using vitamin water too much to overcome vitamin deficiency is not a wise option,  Instead, vitamin deficiency would be best fulfilled by using vitamin-rich foods.