The growing bodies of children are in need of nutritious, balanced diet. Otherwise they become prone to many disorders like eyesight problems, fatigue, and lack of concentration. On the other hand, an increased tendency of consuming junk food is showing up as increasing rate of obesity at such a tender age which can really be very dangerous for them. For proper growth on mental and physical level, parents are ought to choose healthy food for their kids which can provide them with all essential nutrients required by their growing bodies. To guide you in this regard, i am giving here a list of healthy foods for kids;

Healthy Foods for Kids

The food which is low in bad fats and provides all essential ingredients in required proportion can belong to the list of healthy foods for kids. Examples are as under;

Dairy Products:

Most of us are well aware of the importance of milk as a nutritious diet for children. It is said to be containing as many as 9 essential nutrients required for kids’ growth. These also include vitamin A and some precious minerals like zinc, calcium, and potassium. At least two cups of milk are recommended for children if you want to lower the risk of eyesight loss and weak bones. Moreover, homemade yogurt includes good bacteria in kids’ diet besides delivering the benefits associated with milk. Moreover, cheese in breakfast is also among the list of healthy foods for kids because of being rich in calcium which is needed for strong teeth and bones, but be careful of the quantity consumed. Over consumption can cause obesity.

Whole Grain products:

Products like brown rice, oat bran, oat meal and whole grain bread and cereals are carbohydrate rich items and most importantly, they are rich in fiber and also contain potassium and magnesium. These products make an excellent breakfast because they are rich sources of energy. It would help them remain active throughout the day and prevent fatigue.


Lean meats including skinless chicken and turkey are rich source of protein needed for growth of muscles and these are also low in fats. You can serve the meals like chicken with vegetable soup and salmon sandwich or salmon with baked potatoes. These are not only tasteful meals but also very nutritious and healthful, that’s why lean cuts of meat easily qualify as healthy foods for kids. Your kids may also find the following options very tasteful;

  • Chicken breast with a roll
  • Chicken meatballs
  • Fish sticks
  • Chicken sandwich with a bit of mayo
  • Rice served with lean meat


Protein is an essential ingredient especially for growing muscles and healthy hair. The perfect source of protein is eggs. However, despite being in the list of healthy foods for kids you must not allow your kids to take eggs every day because they are high in cholesterol. One boiled egg on alternating days is advisable for kids.

Vegetables and Fruits:

When talking about healthy foods for kids how can one forget to name vegetables and fresh fruits. As a rich source of vitamins and minerals, green leafy vegetables must be included in kid’s diet. These are also a tool to fight against obesity in kids. So it would be a great idea to include the vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots, tomatoes and cabbage in child’s lunch. Fruits are also rich in vitamins. Fruits like papaya, mango, avocado, guava, strawberries, and oranges are rich in essential nutrients. Pineapples, peaches and apples can be given to avoid abnormal bowel movements and intestine related other disorders.


The list of healthy foods for kids is incomplete without the inclusion of seafood like fish. It is a rich source of protein, omega 3 and good fatty acids. Omega 3 is very essential for normal mental growth of children and that is a reason why fish is sometimes called a brain food. Among a variety of fish, you should go for those low in mercury e.g. salmon. It can be served in the form of sushi. Your kid is surely going to like it.

If you really want to see your child excel in every aspect and stay happy and healthy, you must try to include the above mentioned list of healthy foods for kids in their meals in proper proportions so that you may safeguard them against innumerable diseases.