Diabetes! I don’t expect that any one of you have never heard of it. Haven’t you? It has become so common that every lay man should have knowledge of it. Only then you would be able to get your self protected from this very common epidemic disease.

If you ask what exactly Diabetes means, I would say that in layman’s language, we can say that it is the failure of our body to process sugars properly. The intake of food results in the secretion of insulin hormone from our pancreas. Insulin circulates with blood and is responsible to regulate the content of glucose/sugar in our blood. When this particular metabolism doesn’t take place normally, the person is said to suffer from diabetes. Hope you got my point now. Couldn’t explain it in more simple words.

The main reason of body’s incapability to regulate glucose is either the patient’s pancreas is not producing insulin (Type 1 Diabetes), thus requiring him to take insulin as injection, or if the pancreas is producing insulin, the body has grown resistance against it thus rendering it unable to regulate blood glucose. This condition is called Type 2 Diabetes.

Although diabetes does not claim victim’s life immediately, but it can be regarded as a slow killer as in long-term it damages one’s health greatly by causing a damage to several vital organs like kidneys, heart, nerves and eyes if the disease is prolonged and uncontrolled.

If you are a victim, don’t get disappointed. You can lower the chances of long-term complications by keeping sugar level under control through medicines, exercise and proper diet. All you need is to be consistent in all these things.

The research has shown that two percent of world’s population is suffering from diabetes. But the dilemma with this disease is that 50% of the victims don’t even have the knowledge that they are victims! This is because its symptoms are not very easily recognizable. Than how would you know if you fall a victim to it? T can b detected through a very simple test. You just need to give a drop of your blood to your doctor, mostly obtained by prickling one’s finger tip. It would be tested with a simple device known as gluco-meter which would show the level of your blood glucose. For a normal person, this level should be between 72mg/dl to 126 mg/dl. If it is not within this range, the person has diabetes. You should always get regular check ups because diabetes is not easily recognized by a lay man.

Diabetes Symptoms;

  1. Increased Urination;

Diabetes causes the victim to urinate more often than normal, and the volume of urine also increases considerably. This process also disturbs victims sleep routine. Moreover, the urine passed by the patient becomes a bit syrupy in nature because he is passing the unprocessed sugar with his urine. The urinary system tries to nullify this effect by drawing water from body, resulting in dehydration.

  1. Uncontrolled Thirst;

Patient’s urge for drinking water increases too much that it seems whatever quantity of water he takes in, it is insufficient for his body. In this situation, if the unaware victim keeps on taking sugary liquids, the disease worsens.

  1. Weight Loss;

It is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes. Glucose can be regarded as our body’s main fuel. When it is not being processed normally and is wasted by being passed out with urine, body starts utilizing reserve tissues to meet its energy needs resulting in weight loss.

However, if you are going through any of the mentioned symptoms it does not imply 100% that you are a victim of diabetes. In order to diagnose this disease, its imperative to get a check up and if you end up finding out that you do have diabetes, trust me there is nothing to panic. It only means that you would have to incorporate some changes in your daily routine. Although this disease is not curable but small routine changes can help you avoid its long-term effects.

Instead of letting it develop in you, you should avoid diabetes in the first place by adopting healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.