One of the most common diseases today is diabetes. It is characterized by malfunctioning of carbohydrate related metabolism in the body. The symptoms include excessive urine production, excessive hunger, thirst, and weight loss, blurred vision, repeated infection, delay in healing of skin, and excessive fatigue. The patient’s blood and urine contains high quantity of sugar.

Treating Diabetes

Though, there is no permanent cure for diabetes, but treating diabetes refers to controlling blood sugar level which can certainly be done by taking some easy steps. If you manage to control blood sugar level, you manage to control this disease. Some easy but serious steps need to be taken. The patient needs to stick to a prescribed diet and exercise regularly. In addition to this, some are also prescribed medication or taking insulin regularly. The regular blood tests for checking sugar level must be conducted. They help you find out what is your progress on controlling sugar level. However, to comprehend this test and implications of its result, you need to be aware of the blood sugar level which can be called normal or ideal for you. The ideal blood sugar level varies with age. For younger people, the ideal range would be 80 to 120 mg/Dl. In older age, it can be between 100 to 140 mg/DL.

Treating diabetes is very much dependent on some self-treatment activities besides medications. These activities like healthy diet, regular exercise and maintaining proper weight are as important as medication. When it comes to choosing healthy diet for diabetics, special importance needs to be given to fruits, vegetables and grains and in short, food rich in nutrients but lower in fats and calories need to be taken while treating diabetes. Avoid excessive sweets and animal products. For treating diabetes, a person’s own will is most important otherwise, everything would be futile. Consult a dietician who can devise a suitable diet plan for you and then try to stick to it.

In order to successfully prevent diabetes, try to incorporate regular exercise in your daily routine. Exercises like walking, hiking, swimming, biking, jogging, and other such exercises are good against diabetes as well as against disorders of heart and lungs. The key to your exercising plan is regularity and consistency.

One of the most crucial steps for treating diabetes is to maintain a normal body weight. Try to maintain a proper body weight according to your age and activity level. Being overweight makes body cells more resistant to insulin and thus it becomes difficult for treating diabetes.

When diet and exercise do not seem to be as effective as they should be in treating diabetes, they can be coupled with prescribed medication. Medication also includes taking insulin. It can be done by injecting insulin through a syringe or through a pump.

In short, diabetes can be kept well under control just by following a few steps regularly and with consistency. Though the disease lasts for life time but it never means that it is the end of life. In preventing and treating diabetes, the thing which is of prime importance is a patient’s own commitment, will and discipline.