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How Obesity Affects Male Sexual Health 

Where obesity can be a reason for many fatal diseases like cardiac disorders, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stroke, and arthritis, obese men are also at high risk of developing disorders related to sexual health. This happens especially when obese people suffer from blood vessel blockage…

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Male sexual Disorders 

Most of the male sexual disorders are either penile or testicular disorders. Not only do they affect male reproductive organs in general but can also lead to reduced fertility. Given below some of the common male sexual disorders. Male sexual Disorders Priapism This is one…

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Kidney Stones in Men 

It is commonly said that men are supposed to be tough and endure any sort of pain. We all know this is not essentially true, especially if the excruciating pain is caused by kidney stones in men. Yes, it is a problem that even women…

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Effect of Coffee on Male Fertility 

Coffee is known for the marvels which are associated with caffeine; its main ingredient. Caffeine is the element that makes coffee a stimulating drink and this stimulating effect of it was first observed centuries ago by a shepherd who saw his goats becoming energetic and…

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Obesity and Male Infertility 

One of the most rapidly spreading health concerns today is obesity. Where it jeopardizes your attractive physical appearance, many people are unaware of the fact that obesity can even lead to some of the very serious and complex health problems like male infertility. Yes, that is…

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Male Growth Hormone – Testosterone 

Testosterone, produced by the male testes organ, is a steroid hormone and is considered to be the main sex hormone by most of the medical practitioners. A common misconception about this hormone, however, is that it has to do only with the metabolism of men. Since…