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Signs and Symptoms of Bronchitis
Respiratory Tract Problems

Signs and Symptoms of Bronchitis 

You would have noticed that there are some respiratory diseases which are rapidly becoming very common these days as compared to a few years back. If you suffer from a respiratory disease, how may it affect your life? The answer is; it would be affecting you in…

Treat Common Back pain

How to Treat Common Back pain 

If you have a back pain which is mild in nature and you think it is just a result of over exertion and can be treated without medication, you can take help of some light remedies at home. Most of the time, you can treat back…

Acid Reflux
GIT Problems

What is Acid Reflux? 

Acid reflux disease is sometimes also referred to as Gastroesophageal Reflux disease (GERD) or Gastric Reflux disease. It is not a new phenomenon; rather it is being experienced by millions around the world. Acid reflux is the name of that condition when the acid in stomach flushes…

Top 10 Foods For Running
GIT Problems

Common Digestive Problems 

All of us at some stage of our life experience mild or severe digestive problems. Particularly, unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle today has resulted in an increased rate of digestive problems. One of the most common causes is the consumption of ready to eat food…


Cancer Treatment Options 

A few years ago, the news that someone has cancer could mean the end of everything for him. It meant there is no hope left. However, the situation has changed a lot today. Now we have many options to fight this once difficult disease. We…


What is Cancer? 

Cancer is a disorder which affects cells in human body. These cells are the smallest building blocks of all the organs and there are millions of them in our body. Cancer occurs when uncontrolled production and spread of the unusual cells takes place within the…


Understanding Diabetes 

Diabetes! I don’t expect that any one of you have never heard of it. Haven’t you? It has become so common that every lay man should have knowledge of it. Only then you would be able to get your self protected from this very common…


Treating Diabetes 

One of the most common diseases today is diabetes. It is characterized by malfunctioning of carbohydrate related metabolism in the body. The symptoms include excessive urine production, excessive hunger, thirst, and weight loss, blurred vision, repeated infection, delay in healing of skin, and excessive fatigue. The…


Acne vs Cold Sores – What is The Difference? 

Generally, acne and cold sores are perceived to be the same thing. However, these are the names of two different skin problems. Although, both these skin problems share some common symptoms, but regarding the causes and the treatment, they have absolutely no similarity at all. So in…