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Prevent Cardiac Arrest
Heart Diseases

How to Prevent Cardiac Arrest 

Heart is the only such organ which does not take a moment’s rest. It starts working even before our birth and keeps on beating until our last breath. We all know how important this organ is and hence how disturbing even the smallest issues related…

angina attack
Heart Diseases

What is an Angina Attack? 

Angina attack is characterized by pressure and squeezing feeling in chest area. Though it is not a disease but is a signal that heart is not working normally. It is most commonly regarded as a symptom for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), which occurs when the…

Heart Diseases

Different Types of Heart Diseases 

The term heart diseases is used as an umbrella term for all those disorders which affect heart and blood vessels supplying blood to heart. It is also quite possible that a person may suffer from more than one heart disease at a time. Heart keeps…