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Male Growth Hormone – Testosterone

By Kinzzel terry- JUL 20, 2019

Testosterone, produced by male testes organ, is a steroid hormone and is considered to be the main sex hormone by most of the medical practitioners. A common misconception about this hormone, however, is that it has to do only with the metabolism of men. Since it is the main hormone responsible for male sexual characters, it is commonly thought that testosterone is exclusively a male hormone; however, the truth is that testosterone is also produced in women by their liver and adrenal glands and is responsible for many of their health issues. Let us now understand the vital duties performed by this hormone;

Advantages of Testosterone

Men Health

Advantages of Testosterone

The normal production of testosterone in men is vital to a number of metabolic processes. One of the many benefits of testosterone’s normal production is that it lowers the cholesterol level. Other benefits include urge for sex, enhanced libido, improved memory, lifting up mood, improved sex performance, acting as an energizer and protection against cardiac disorders. These are to name only a few out of a much longer list of benefits associated with this wonder hormone. That is the reason it has been under experimentation for years and immense interest is being taken since years into its abilities by psychologists, scientists and physicians.

History of Research on Testosterone

The history of testosterone’s use can be traced back to 1940 when it was first being used by athletes, actresses and other celebrities along with its use for children facing growth issues and for adults looking for boosting. Testosterone, whether natural or synthetic, came to be known as an excellent solution for building up muscles and for anti aging.

A milestone, however, was achieved in this research about testosterone’s marvels as early as 1889 when French Psychologist Charles Édouard Brown-Séquard came out with what he described a ‘rejuvenating therapy for body and mind’. He presented his elixir in market which was composed of extracts from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. The liquid was called liquide testiculair and Sequard claimed that it shows marvelous results when used for increasing physical strength and mental capabilities, and relieving constipation. Though there has not been any record of whether French man was true about these claims, because no customer feed back had been recorded at that time, however, the research broke grounds for further deeper research into the capabilities of the wonder hormone, and today we have a list of scientifically proven advantages associated with testosterone.

While in the past, the only remedy for impotence was testes tissues, we today have Viagra to deal with the problem. Nonetheless, the testosterone hormone has stood up the test of time since centuries.

Obesity and Male Infertility

Men Health

One of the most rapidly spreading health concerns today is obesity. Where it jeopardizes your attractive physical appearance, many people are unaware of the fact that obesity can even lead to some of the very serious and complex health problems like male infertility. Yes, that is true. It has been found that the obesity, resulting from unhealthy eating habits, junk food and lack of exercise etc. can affect the quality of sperm production in males thus causing male infertility.

Obesity and Male Infertility

To get a better understanding of this correlation between obesity and male infertility, let us first have a look at the basic functioning of male reproductive system. The release of LH hormone from the pituitary gland leads to the stimulation of testes which is induced to produce testosterone hormone in the Leydig cells of testes. This hormone is of prime importance in the production of spermatozoids, male secondary characteristics and the development of male sexual organs. The entire process takes place properly in those people only who are physically active. That is the basic reason why obese people experience a decreased production of testosterone. This malfunction also reduces obese people’s interest in sex.

Another basic reason why an imbalanced diet can be linked directly to male infertility is that the imbalanced diet, e.g. relying excessively on junk food and not taking healthy nutritious food, can lead to the deficiency of many essential elements in our diet which have direct relation with quality of sperm. One such essential element is zinc. Obese people can improve the sperm quality by inculcating zinc rich food in their routine diet. Despite ensuring healthy hair and skin, zinc is essential for quality sperm and also for enhancing their mobility. The foods rich in zinc include nuts, seed, sea shells, oysters, meat, poultry and beans.

The best way to ensure healthy reproductive system in long run however is to get rid of extra pounds. You can lose weight by using herbal supplements and by adopting a balanced diet plan. The supplements like hoodia and Gordonii can be effective. Moreover, ensure proper zinc intake for mobility and quality of sperm.

If you are really concerned about your sexual life, get rid of those extra pounds and stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, you need to be more active. Exert yourself physically by planning a regular walk or other exercises.

Effect of Coffee on Male Fertility

Men Health

Coffee is known for the marvels which are associated with caffeine; its main ingredient. Caffeine is the element which makes coffee a stimulating drink and this stimulating effect of it was first observed centuries ago by a shepherd who saw his goats becoming energetic and active after eating leaves and beans from coffee tree. Shepherd then used the fruits of this tree for himself and felt more zealous and more alert. Than the fruit was used by a monk, in what is now called Ethiopia, to stay awake at night for praying. After that, the knowledge about unique ability of coffee started spreading like a jungle fire. Until 16th century, the coffee beans had made their place in the East, especially in Persia and very soon the people in Arabia also started using coffee. The Arabian doctors started prescribing it for proper digestion and cheerful mood.

It took a unique form in Arabia which came to be called as “Kahwa” or “Cahue” which was a unique infusion and till present day it is recognized as Arabic version of coffee.

Then it was introduced in Turkey and Italy in 1675 then it reached Holland and then through Dutch trade it made its way into New World, Guyana, Martinique, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

It was then, that the coffee houses started emerging rapidly in the market, some of which even got tremendous reputation, such as “Virginia Coffee House” in London and “Coffee of La Regence” in Paris. Many others also followed e.g. Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and Richelieu.

Effect of Coffee on Male Fertility

However, it was not until modern-day, centuries after coffee was discovered, that we came to know another hidden marvelous ability of it, and that is its ability to stimulate male sperm. A coordinated study conducted by Brazilian urologist Dr. Fabio Pasqualotto stunned the world when he claimed that men who take a minimum of one cup of coffee a day, show greater sperm mobility. Their sperms are faster and more mobile, increasing male fertility and making it more possible for women to conceive.

Dr Pasqualotto tested coffee on 750 sexually active, fertile men and although the number of sperms remained the same but quality was enhanced, resulting in more mobile sperms. He further explained that among the men who were tested, a total of 67% of sperms were found to be active enough to reach ovule. Unlike that, men who didn’t take coffee had 54% of mobile sperms. Research is still underway to assess coffee’s impacts on infertile men.

Kidney Stones in Men

Men Health

It is commonly said that men are supposed to be tough and endure any sort of pain. We all know this is not essentially true, especially if the excruciating pain is caused by kidney stones in men. Yes, it is a problem that even women endure. But according to research, the problem of having kidney stones is actually more common to men. The dilemma of kidney stones in men is something not all of them are knowledgeable of. Read on to find out the causes of kidney stones in men, its symptoms as well as the cure for kidney stones in men.

Kidney Stones in Men

First let’s find out what these kidney stones are. It is important to know what they are first before we discuss the causes of having these stones. They are hard and made of crystalline material formed inside the urinary tract or kidney. Kidneys eliminate wastes and excess water from the blood in the form of urine. Most kidney stones get out from the body through the urine stream. However, there are stones that are too large and block the ureter. This causes the tremendous pain. Stones are formed from different chemicals, but the most common kind of kidney stones in men are those containing calcium with uric acid and phosphate or oxalate. Nephrolithiasis, the medical term for the formation of kidney stones affect almost ten percent of the American population. As previously mentioned, men are more at risk. Kidney stones in men are usually present when men reach 40.

Kidney Stones in Men Causes

Now that the nature of kidney stones has already been explained, the causes of kidney stones in men can now be discussed. The primary cause of the occurrence of kidney stones in men is genetic inheritance. Kidney stones in men can also be caused by one’s lifestyle like drinking small amounts of fluids or being inactive for a long time. One’s food intake like taking excessive amount of calcium oxalate found in tea, chocolate and milk could also be the cause of kidney stones in men.

Kidney stones in men are more compared to those in women because men have bigger muscle mass. Therefore, the breaking down of tissues causes metabolic waste to increase and there is also a tendency of stone formation. Another cause of the formation of kidney stones in men is that their urinary tract is more complicated than that of women. When the prostate gland enlarges, it can lead to benign prostrate hypertrophy. This in turn makes it difficult to empty the bladder. Thus, there might be a formation of stones and crystals. Penile urethra’s structure as a result of catheterizion, penile trauma or gonorrhea infection may also cause kidney stones in men.

Kidney Stones in Men Symptoms

Having kidney stones in men is characterized by severe pain or renal colic. This pain is felt on one of both sides of the back. It will also be felt in the abdomen and genitals and groin at times. The symptoms of having kidney stones in men may include chills, fever, nausea and blood in urine.

Kidney Stones in Men Treatment

The options for treating kidney stones in men vary, depending on the type and size of the stone. Stones that are smaller than one-fourth inch can be treated by taking enough liquids and exercise. Those that cannot be excreted naturally may have to be taken care of by doctors. There is the Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) method where ultrasound or x-rays locate the kidney stones. To break down these large kidney stones, shock waves are used, until they are broken down to smaller pieces which can be excreted naturally. For the bigger kidney stones, percutaneous nephrolithotomy is done. There are also natural remedies to remove kidney stones in men.

Kidney Stones in Men Prevention

Prevention is of course, better than cure. So, the best way to save oneself from the pain of having kidney stones is to avoid having them. Potassium and magnesium may help lessen the risk of having kidney stones in men. Drinking lots of water is one way to do avoid having kidney stones. For people who are susceptible to calcium oxalate stones, do note consume too much calcium-rich food. For those susceptible to uric acid stones, do note consume too much protein-rich food. But if all these precautions are done yet indications of kidney stones are still apparent, seek the help of a doctor for it to be addressed immediately.

Male sexual Disorders

Men Health

Most of the male sexual disorders are either the penile or the testicular disorders. Not only do they affect male reproductive organs in general but can also lead to reduced fertility. Given below some of the common male sexual disorders.


This is one of male sexual disorders which can be termed as opposite to erectile dysfunction. In this case, the victim experiences the prolonged painful erection which may be as long as four hours or more. The main cause of this disorder is that the blood supplied to penis cannot be drained back properly. It is not a disorder caused by sexual activity; rather it can be caused by any of the following reasons


Blood diseases
Penile injection therapy
Blood pressure medication and antidepressants
Drug use and alcohol.
Pripism can be treated by draining the blood out of the penis. This is done by taking out blood through a needle and hence relieving the penis of painful erection. Moreover, some medications are also available whose main aim is to reduce flow of blood by compressing blood vessels in penis. Though such treatments can relieve the pain for the time being, but the treatment of underlying causes is necessary to permanently and safely get rid of the disorder.

Balanitis and Balanoposthitis

Balanitis is a penile disorder whereby the victim suffers from inflammation in glans or in tip of penis, whereas, in balanoposthitis both glans and penis’ top skin are inflamed. The symptoms for both these male sexual disorders are similar which include foul discharge, pain, rash, and itching. Mainly, these disorders are seen in men with pure hygiene.

balantis and balanoposthitis may also result due to

Dead skin cells
Tight foreskin
Maintaining proper hygiene can help eradicate the problem, however, if it is caused by some other underlying irritants, the treatment should be aimed at treating those irritants.


Phimosis is not a disease, but if unaddressed, can lead to male sexual disorders. It is a condition characterized by tight foreskin which is so tight that it become difficult to get the penis head back in normal condition. It can lead to extreme pain and discomfort in sexual intercourse and urination.

It is caused commonly by following factors;

Scar tissue
Birth defect
The condition can be treated by the victim by gently stretching the foreskin, however, circumcision and medications to loosen the tight skin can also be used an option. In some rare cases, preputioplasty may also be needed i.e. separating glans from foreskin.

Penile Cancer

Although it is not very common but can be really dangerous. Penile cancers in characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells in penis. Even the benign tumors can take the form of penile cancer over time. Symptoms include abnormal discharge, penile sores, and bleeding. Although, the underlying causes are not yet identified, but following factors are known to contribute to the penile cancer;

Psoriasis treatment
Human papilloma virus
The most prevalent treatment of this type of male sexual disorders includes surgery. It may be done in following ways;

curettage and electrodessication
laser surgery
wide local excision

How Obesity Affects Male Sexual Health

Since this disorder creates a hindrance in the interaction of nerves, sensory information blood vessels, and hormones, patient may experience difficulties in creating or sustaining erection. ED results from any malfunction in any of these processes e.g. carrying sexual stimulation message to brain, or providing with adequate blood supply needed for erection etc. one common type of disruption is seen when arteries are blocked, resulting in inadequate blood supply to tissues of penis. Other than the presence of excessive fats in body, other problems accompanying obesity also cause malfunction of sexual system, e.g. the problems of high blood pressure, high proportion of triglycerides and low density lipoproteins or high proportion of bad cholesterol can affect sexual health.

So it is important that you maintain an ideal or at least near to ideal weight. One way to find out whether you have an ideal weight or not is to rely on Body Mass Index (BMI). It is based on an individual’s waist and height and depending on these features, it is suggested whether a person is carrying some extra pounds or not. Individuals with BMI value between 19 and 25 are considered to be fit by the experts, while those between 25 to 30 are overweight and above 30 are considered obese. Moreover, having BMI value below 19 can also cause disorders like osteoporosis, malnutrition, liver diseases and insufficient nutrient absorption in intestine. BMI is a value independent of sex, age, muscle mass and frame size.

Some experts suggest following steps to improve sexual health by getting rid of obesity.

1- Consult your physician about the options like safe diet pills, surgery, or some diet plans which could help you lose weight.

2- Try to avoid those food items which lead towards weight gain, e.g. try to avoid junk food.

3- Try to plan regular exercise or other outdoor activities.

4- Engage your partner in talks about the problems you are facing in sexual intercourse and try to solve them together.

5- Try to make love in such a way which doesn’t make your partner feel uncomfortable.

6- Support your partner emotionally.

Keep in mind that obesity can’t be overcome over night. You need to stick to a diet plan and exercise plan patiently. Once you have managed to shed off some weight, you would decrease the risk of getting problems like cardiovascular disorders and the threats to sexual health.

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