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Oatmeal Diet for Diabetics

By Kinzzel terry- JUL 23, 2019

The ever-increasing number of diabetics today has made diabetes the most common autoimmune disease in the world. It results from either the insufficient production of insulin hormone, or its improper functioning, which leads to high level of blood sugar in the patient. Unfortunately, Diabetes is not a completely curable disorder; however, it can be kept well under control by following a diet plan. Taking the specific metabolic conditions of diabetics in consideration, they are advised to follow a diet rich in oatmeal. Oatmeal diet for diabetics can help them control the symptoms of this disorder to a large extent.

Diet for diabetics

There is no hard and fast, set plan of diet which can be called a diabetic diet. However, the diabetics are advised by doctors to avoid such foods which are readily converted into sugars. Owing to the already high sugar levels, diabetics must avoid food rich in carbohydrates and sugars. Moreover, food excessive in fats should also be avoided or it would lead to overweight body. In simple words, diabetics are ought to stay away from food which contains, sugars, refined and starchy carbohydrates, excessive salt, and fats. Above all, the oatmeal diet for diabetics is best for them. In order to know more about it, keep reading this article.

Oatmeal Diet for Diabetics

Healthy Diets

Oatmeal is among the most commonly used breakfast worldwide. The reason why oatmeal diet is good for diabetics is that although it does contain the required carbohydrates to supply energy, but these are released slowly which does not cause a sudden increase in blood sugar level. Moreover, taking oatmeal diet results in increased fiber in our body, which is very useful especially for diabetics because it helps in proper digestion. Since oatmeal is made of whole nuts, these contain the soluble fiber whose digestion is very slow. This way, the carbohydrates are not readily converted into sugar and its level remains constant in blood.

Another major benefit of oatmeal diet for diabetics is that it is free of fats. Thus it is perfect not only for diabetics but also for those looking for weight loss. The oatmeal diet also keeps you feeling full for a long period. So it should be included in breakfast or between the meals as compared to other highly starchy foods. If you find this diet too dull for you, add to it some fresh fruits and nuts to make it tasty. However, make sure that this oatmeal diet for diabetics does not contain artificial sweetener or there will be no use of taking it rather it can prove harmful because of having sugar content.

Oatmeal recipe

Several brands of oatmeal or whole oats are easily available in market, however, be sure to choose one without sugar. Preparing an oatmeal diet for diabetics is as easy as 1 2 3. you can follow the following very common recipe for preparing oatmeal diet for diabetics;

A cup of skimmed milk

A cup of cooked oatmeal

½ diced banana of small size

4 to 5 chopped walnuts

Method of Preparation
Add walnuts and diced banana to the cup of oatmeal which can be hot or cold as you like it. You can also add skimmed milk to it or can serve it separately.

Oatmeal diet for diabetics is one of the best diets for those looking to control their diabetes symptoms. It is not only a rich source of soluble fiber but also provides energy required by the body. Consult your doctor for further help in planning your diet.

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