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Healthiest Foods

By Kinzzel terry- JUL 22, 2019

The two basic components necessary to lead a healthier life full of vitality are exercise and nutritious diet. Exercise is of no use if the food intake is not healthy and comprises too much of junk food items. Some food items like vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat, and fish are rich foods which provide our body with vital nutrients. However there are some items which can be regarded as super foods because of their extremely rich composition. These are the items which not only contribute to your physical fitness but also help you to develop internal resistance and immunity, thus providing resistance against many diseases like heart disorders, diabetes and high blood pressure. I am giving here the names of such top 10 healthiest foods items; however, these are just a few to name among the long list.

Top 10 healthiest Foods to Eat

Healthy Diets

The following list contains those nutrient rich food items which give a thrust to your immune system, protect you against many diseases and yet keep you slim and fit, that’s the reason why they qualify among top 10 healthiest foods.


Healthy Diets

No one can have argument about the nutrient rich nature of nuts. They certainly deserve to be placed among top 10 healthiest foods, however you must keep in mind that excess of every thing is bad. Nuts are high calories food so they need to be consumed in moderate quantity. Nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds pistachios etc are rich in polyphenols which help in lowering the level of LDL cholesterol. Besides that, the other constituents of nuts include amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids that shield your heart and lower the risk of diabetes. You can consume nuts in many different ways in a moderate quantity, e.g. you can use crushed almonds or sliced almonds with your breakfast or take walnuts with yogurt.


Healthy Diets

Well known for its rich composition of Vitamin D, fatty acids, and omega 3, salmon easily makes its place in our list of top 10 healthiest foods. The fatty acids and omega 3 contained in it act as a shield against inflammation of arteries and thus avoid the risk of heart related disorders. Moreover, it gives you a healthy, glowing skin and improves insulin resistance. In order to eat salmon with all its ingredients intact, you can slightly grill it in a small quantity of oil. For those who want to lose weight, two servings of salmon fillet a week can be beneficial. A great quality of omega three and fatty acids in salmon is that they make you feel full for a long period because they have an ability to slow down your digestive system thus it frees you from the need of a second meal for a long time.


Healthy Diets

Garlic falls in the list of our top 10 healthiest foods because of its precious nutrient; allicin. It is a phytochemical which helps in lowering blood pressure. Garlic also minimizes the risk of ovarian cancer and also improves immunity of body, making it capable to avoid common allergies, cold etc. for best utilization of its precious ingredients, garlic should be left for ten to fifteen minutes after crushing or cutting it, and then you can add it to the food preparation.


Healthy Diets

The elements which classify broccoli as one among the top 10 healthiest foods are vitamin A and Vitamin K along with phytochemicals which fight against cancer. Vitamin K is helpful in blood clotting. Moreover, by lowering plague formation in arteries, broccoli helps in avoiding the risk of heart diseases. A slightly steamed side dish of broccoli would be very nutritious with all its ingredients preserved.


Beans contain higher proportions of fiber, calcium and proteins. However, the proteins contained in beans are different from animal proteins which are high in fats and calories. Beans’ proteins are healthier because of having lower proportion of saturated fats. Hence, beans help in lowering blood cholesterol level and hence fight against heart diabetes, diabetes and other heart diseases including high blood pressure.


Although avocado has acquired a notorious reputation among those who want to lose weight, however, it is a misconception. It contains monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFA which help in lowering the level of bad cholesterol i.e. LDL cholesterol and increase the ratio of HDL cholesterol which is good for our body. They absorb the vital nutrients required for body’s proper functioning. Moreover, the ingredients like Vitamin E, fiber, folate and potassium contained in avocado make it a precious food item. MUFA contained in it are helpful in getting rid of belly fats.


What makes raspberries, blueberries and other berries a winner for top 10 healthiest foods is their richness in antioxidants called polyphenols. They prove to be a shield against heart diseases and diabetes by reducing LDL. Moreover, berries are good for those who are working hard on their memory. They also prevent infections of urinary tract. Their other healthful ingredients include Vitamin C and dietary fiber. A good way to consume berries is by adding them in fruit salads and smoothies.


Guava contains even 5 times more Vitamin C than oranges which makes them a perfect food item when it comes to the healthy vital skin and a strong immune system. Moreover, lycopene contained in guava is helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases by preventing inflammation of arteries. To gain the best out of this marvelous fruit, mix it with low-fat yogurt or soy milk and add a spoon of organic honey.


Most of us are well aware of rich iron content of spinach but it is also rich in folate and lutein which are helpful in reducing cholesterol level and avoiding plague formation in arteries. Lutein helps in fighting macular degeneration resulting from aging. Folate is vital ingredient for pregnant women because it avoids the risk of birth related complexities. Add spinach in salads, and soups or brown it in olive oil. However, make sure that spinach is not overcooked or it will lose its precious ingredients.


Tomatoes are the richest fruits when it comes to lycopene content. The yellowish portion of tomatoes contains lycopene which prevents heart diseases by decreasing the risk of inflammation in arteries. They are also helpful in fighting breast cancer in women. You can add tomatoes in your daily diet by having them in roasted form or consuming their gravies or by simply adding them in salads and sandwiches. In whatever form you consume them, make sure that the inner yellow portion is not wasted.

In order to get a healthy and fit body, you need to add these ingredients in your food in such a way which keeps their ingredients intact. Other healthy foods include olive oil, oatmeal, tofu, dates red pepper, flax-seed and sweet potatoes.

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