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Tips to Live Longer

By Kinzzel terry- JUL 22, 2019

Health and Wellness

No one can have an immortal life in this world, however, one can try to maximize the life span and make it enjoyable too if he adopts a healthy lifestyle and live every moment to the fullest. Although it is easy to say but when it comes to practical implication, man is just a racing horse who keeps running with the fear of loosing and being left behind. In this race, he doesn’t get a moment to stop and praise the beauty around him and then suddenly, his race ends, futile and dry, devoid of pleasure. Man realizes at a stage that life would have been much easier if he had taken some time to stop by and admire its beauties.

The saying of Dale Carnegie fits very well on the way we are living our lives today. He is of the view that most of us waste our lives waiting for a magical rose garden and forget to give a look to the beauty of roses blooming just outside our windows.

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