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Where You Live Affects Your Fitness

By Kinzzel terry- JUL 24, 2019

Fitness Tips

During your childhood years, you lived exactly where your parents decide to live. You didn’t give any attention to the health risks of the place your parents chose, or if they had chosen a location that was good for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Also your parents didn’t give attention to this issue. And here is the question, does your location affect your fitness? the answer is yes, without doubt where you live affect your fitness. And this is an article of important information which is guaranteed to have an impact on our children and grandchildren.

Now how is this information compiled, and exactly what do we learn from it? This information is compiled according to statistical information from locations such as pollution and smog levels, quality of drinking water, and available fitness amenities.

What can we learn from this revealed information? That where we live indeed affect our health and wellness, and generally, we can't do a lot about changing that fact. Except if, you intend to move.

Generally, the highest contributor to our overall health and fitness, via our external environment, is the amount of pollution we live with every day. How do we absorb these pollutants? The commonest way is via the air we breathe. Also there are other ways that come with harmful pollutants such as the water we drink, the cars we drive, the homes we live in, and workplace we work in.

After pollutants contribution, there are other factors that affect our health and fitness, such as, health amenities availability, support level of government for health and fitness, and medical faculties availability. If you live in countryside without any direct access to health amenities, and of course there is no medical facility, your level of health and fitness will not compare to that of a person who lives in a more populated area which can provide those services. The problem with the more populated area, obviously, is a higher chances of air pollution.

What might you do about your personal fitness issues, according to where you live? Get the most from where you are. Become knowledgeable about the biggest fitness problems in your area, and do your best to make corrections for your own fitness benefit.

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