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what is cancer | Cancer Symptoms | Cancer Dignosis

By Kinzzel terry- JUL 27, 2019

Diseases Disorders

Cancer is a disorder which affects cells in human body. These cells are the smallest building blocks of all the organs and there are millions of them in our body.
Cancer occurs when uncontrolled production and spread of the unusual cells takes place within the body. Normal cells in our body divide grow in size and number and then stop. They even die after a period of time. However, cancerous cells do not follow this normal cycle. They divide relatively quickly and keep on growing. Normally they don’t die and create clumps by joining together. These clumps are called tumors.

These tumors can obstruct the proper functioning of the surrounding healthy tissues and can destroy them, causing the victim to suffer a lot.

Moreover, it can easily travel to other body parts. Tumors can break and travel to other organs and body parts. This broken part of tumor when stops in a body part, it starts growing there and creates new tumor, a process called metastasis.

Cancer Symptoms

Dealing with cancer can be really painful. In order to avoid that suffering, early diagnosis is imperative and that can be done only if you are aware of the symptoms. Some are given here.

Change in skin in the form of a wart or a mole
A lump in the breast or testicles
Prominent change in bladder and bowel movement
Chronic fatigue
Unusual bleeding or vaginal discharge
Continued sore throat that does not heal
A persistent cough, sometimes accompanied with blood
Indigestion and trouble in swallowing
Though, some of these symptoms may be because of other lesser dangerous disorders but even then if you suffer from any one of them, you should immediately consult a doctor. Though the cause of cancer is still not known but what we know is that it is not contagious. Though, the exact cause is not known but drinking, and excess alcohol consumption can increase the chances of this dangerous disease.

Cancer Treatment Options

A few years ago, the news that someone has cancer could mean the end of everything for him. It meant there is no hope left. However, the situation has changed a lot today. Now we have many options to fight this once difficult disease. We have today, many examples of those who managed to fight this disease and could survive e.g. Lance Armstrong. The survivors are leading today a normal life, without any signs of illness.

When it comes to the cancer treatment options, every patient would be unique and one type of treatment can not be applied equally for every one. Every patient would be treated according to his own unique level of illness. Today, the cancer treatment include, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, moral support, nutrition, naturopathic treatment and mental and bodily encouragement and motivation to enhance will power.


When it comes to surgery, it is one of the oldest cancer treatment option used to remove cancer. The goal of surgery is to remove the maximum possible tumor so that it can not damage the body. Surgery also helps to ascertain not only the type but also the stage of cancer.


Chemotherapy is an effective cancer treatment option. It is often used in combination with surgery and successfully removes any tumor cells that could have been spared by surgery. As chemo stands for chemicals, this treatment involves taking drugs. However, the drugs sometimes are strong enough to make the victim feel ill.


It is another effective way to remove cancerous cells. It is done in the hospital and involves the use of a targeted beam to destroy tumor cells.


The traditional medical treatments are boosted by a parallel supporting treatment that goes along with traditional treatment and makes it even more affective. One such effective way is proper healthy nutrition. It can improve your immunity against tumor.

Moral Strength/Will Power

The power and effectiveness of will power which is seen in case of fighting cancer, is not to be seen anywhere else. It is believed to be one of the most stunning cancer treatment option. I myself know the story of a cancer patient who was told by doctors that he does not have much time to live. However, he just refused to give up and surprisingly, he got back his health just by laughing too much, staying happy and watching comedies. As long as you don’t lose hope, you always have a chance of winning against cancer. So make it your strong weapon my friends.

Naturopathic Treatment

This type of treatment relies on natural remedies to fight against cancer. These may include herbs or other natural medication.

In most cases, doctors do not rely on a single cancer treatment option to help you recover. Rather they advise you to use a combination of some of the treatments mentioned above. I would stress that you keep the weapon of hope and positive outlook always ready for you. This is not the end of life, believe me! There was never so much hope to fight cancer as it is today. Do not give away hope, and cancer will give up on you!

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